Create an Efficient Assessment Center Process

Developed by papilio AG, enAC enables more efficient and robust assessment centers and development centers using cut-e assessments. enAC is an integrated paperless platform to enhance candidate and assessor experience by managing all elements of the AC/DC on one secure, easy-to-use platform.

Aon Enables You to Do Hassle Free and Accurate Requirements Analysis

Take out the pain of specifying job requirements in order to provide a better basis for HR decision with snap-it.

The online recruitment tool makes it easy to create detailed job descriptions, calculates the person-job fit for each candidate and provides a guide to support competency-based interviews.

Improving the Candidate Experience

David Batista from Galp Energia highlights how important it is to provide a good candidate experience to keep validity of the assessments. cut-e, part of Aon's Assessment solutions, tests allow for a flexible assessment process and provide valuable feedback for the candidates.


"We are starting to have real results on our projects with cut-e and we are building on that."

Aon Helps You Pinpoint the Best People, Reduce Time-to-hire and Save Costs

There are many challenging scenarios recruiters are facing. You need a partner who can work with you to help you solve the selection problems you have. 

Perhaps you’re faced with a high number of applicants, or just can’t differentiate between them because of similarity of qualification and experience. Or perhaps you’re competing for very scarce talent, or struggling to standardize your processes across multiple locations – or you know that it takes too long to get from application to start-date. 


Clients Who Use cut-e to Support Recruitment

GDPR Compliance And The Implications For Assessing Job Candidates

Learn how the new GDPR regulations will impact on recruitment and the handling of candidate data. This document highlights that GDPR is not just an issue for legal and IT teams. It has implications for recruiters because of its impact on how you collect, store, use and share assessment data on job candidates and employees.

Our Recruitment Process Experience

cut-e, now part of Aon's Assessment Solutions, draws on its years of experience with hundreds of global and local clients to deploy online psychometrics to meet the challenges they face. Our customized screening tools such as Situational Judgment Tests, help indicate those likely to behave and react to your work scenarios in the way in which you need and our online ability tests pinpoint those with the level of reasoning skill your role demands. Competency-based instruments show the match or fit between candidate capabilities and those you are looking for. 

But we don’t just develop and supply the tools. We work with you to then analyze the results over time to then make adjustments to your selection process to optimize the use of assessment instruments. 

Talent 2021: What Is Shaping Talent Trends

Read this e-book to discover how our approach to talent will change in the coming years and learn that:


  • The ‘millennial’ generation is changing how we view leadership and what is needed.
  • The move to a more continuous approach to listening to our employees means adapting how we measure employee engagement.
  • Assessments via smartphones is an increasing trend–  as is doing more with the data generated at all assessment touchpoints.
  • There will be a change in sales competencies that businesses need.
  • How HR will transform its service model – and what the changes in HR technology will mean for organizations.

Products Used in Recruitment

Our product range is vast, covering personality, abilities, innovation and creativity, integrity, motivation, and values – and there’s a tool for every level of job be they graduate or executive, white or blue collar worker. But where to start? Our Product Finder will suggest some tools – and our Recruitment Consultancy Service can help design the best workflow for your business based on your specific requirements. Our pre-application assessments are becoming widely used by those wanting to engage with potential applicants before they even apply. Post-application, we can help you filter out unsuitable candidates (ideal when you have a high volume of applications) so you can focus on those most likely to succeed and work with you to map out the recruitment stages as well as the relevant communications at these points. Many of our assessments can now be carried out on mobile devices.

White Paper: Wired For Engagement

Research shows that an employee’s personality can have a big influence on how engaged they are at work. In other words, some people are just “wired for engagement.” 

This white paper discusses the specific personality traits that are related to higher levels of employee engagement, which can in turn lead to advantages for your organization. To learn more about the specific personality traits associated with engagement and how to incorporate engagement into your hiring processes, order your free white paper below.

White Paper: Make Better Talent Decisions Through Intelligent Data

A talent strategy underpinned by data-driven decisions allows companies to recruit individuals who will stay longer, perform better and will be more engaged: key factors leading to higher customer satisfaction and stronger business performance. 


This paper explains how to convert your employee-related 'big data' into 'smart talent data'.

Prelude - Meet and Greet the Right Way

Prelude is the platform that gives your candidates a captivating experience during the hiring process. By using scientifically proven assessments and engaging simulations, Prelude ensures you select the right people who have a clear understanding of what it means to work at your company.

Predictive Analytics for Selection

Working with you to understand and define what is critical to the role and your organization - both now and in the future, the cut-e Predictive Talent Analytics for recruitment develops a framework for your selection assessments. It means that your candidate assessment considers what you need today, and future-proof them for the time ahead. 

The reports generated from the candidate assessment: 

  • Outline a candidate’s role and fit with the organization based on your validated model
  • Focus on the relevant competencies for the role for which a candidate is being assessed
  • Include full interview guides
  • Are available immediately upon completion of an assessment
  • Reflect your competency model and corporate language, and are available in over 40 languages and this can be different to the language in which the assessment was completed

Research at the Core of Product Development

To be of value, psychometric tests need to of high quality and constantly evaluated and refined. Our research program includes ongoing product enhancement and development as well as designing and developing new tools which push the boundaries of assessment and the skills businesses need. We were the first to develop assessments specifically for use on mobile devices and the first to design a practical test of creativity. Our Research Team works with clients to develop new normative sets and validation studies and carries out specific research projects with direct relevance to recruitment: how to minimize cheating; how mobile devices are used; what candidates expect from an assessment experience. Our latest research in our Global Assessment Barometer shows that more organizations are wanting to group a number of assessments to offer them together and reduce the amount of time spent testing - but retain solid test principles. Such results feed into our product development.

Online Video Interviewing

Online Video Interviewing is an innovative web-based HR solution which is easy to use and enables organizations to get an authentic impression of the specific skills and competencies of candidates quickly, safely and with ease through the simple use of video interviews. Using this tool, candidates can complete independently a structured competency based video interview from anywhere in the world. Online Video Interviewing allows evaluators to score and screen candidates in a time effective and legally defensible manner, reducing dramatically screening costs.

The use of Online Video Interviewing has a number of advantages including:

  • Reduces interviewing time by 70% compared with other methods
  • Ensures high levels of efficiency and objectivity through multiple evaluator verification 
  • Overcomes scheduling difficulties which characterize traditional interviewing methods 
  • Reduces the cost for candidates participating in the recruitment process 

Recruitment for Different Target Groups

Companies want their assessment to reflect the target candidates they are reaching. This can be by sector, by job level or task, or by function. Our assessment tools work across all sectors, all industries and at all job levels – but we also have more focused measures for, and expertise in, some specific areas. We have developed tailored tools for the aviation and retail sectors and have instruments for use with graduates, apprentices and trainees, salespeople and drivers and machine operators.

Professionally Designed Assessment & Development Centers

The development of an assessment center is more complicated and time consuming than widely appreciated. Expertise and knowledge is required to avoid errors in the basic construction or in the detailed definition. Aon experts have many years of experience in designing assessment and development centers.

Starting with the identification of the competencies and the diagnostic aim, reliable and pragmatic solutions are developed. From the conception of the exercise and training materials, to the delivery of assessor training, we provide 'ready-to-use' assessment and development centers.

Ask the Expert: What Is Competency-based Recruitment?

Firstly, what is the ‘competency’ in competency-based recruitment?
Competency, (plural competencies) refers to a cluster of personal attributes relating to excellence in a specific activity. Competencies are made up of personality, ability, knowledge & experience and interest & motivation.

It sounds obvious that recruitment should be based on these factors. But all too often companies can’t find the right candidate. Or worse, they find the right candidate only to discover later that it wasn’t the right candidate after all. So how does recruiting against competencies make the difference?

What is the aim of competency based recruitment?
Competency-based recruitment is about understanding exactly what is needed for the job in question. Next, defining a process that identifies exactly those competencies critical for job success. In terms of personality, ability, knowledge and cultural fit. Or more simply put, creating a clear distinction between personality traits (prefers to do), motivation (wants to do) and cognitive abilities (is able to do) - and recruiting on the basis of this information.

Of these, personality is typically underrated when predicting competencies and job success. As Jack Welsh, former CEO of General Electrics so succinctly put it: “Too often we hire for skills and then fire for personality. I can teach skills; I want attitude.”

The advantages of competency based recruitment
Competency-based recruitment is efficient and effective and therefore economical. The Aon consultants can advise you on how to optimize your recruitment process. Our tests and questionnaires have been tried, tested and proven to give the information critical to making better hiring decisions.

Strategic Competency Models

Good competency models are lean, selective and practical. However, many existing competency models in companies are overloaded, washed-out and useless to a large extent. Aon works with you to deduce core competencies by using empirical data linked to the strategic goals of your company.

Aon helps you to focus on the essential. Whether you want pure professional or technical input or fully outsource the project, Aon has the experts that will deliver competency models which are functional, user-friendly and to the point.

Ask the Expert: How Mobile Should Assessment Be?

Technology will continue to progress rapidly and it’s clear there are the opportunities to harness the capabilities. The fundamental question is how do we deploy these?

We’re often asked if candidates can complete our tests on their smart phones. When we first developed our tests, we didn’t ever intend time-critical tests such as tests of numerical reasoning to be completed ‘on the move’.

At the time, there was no smartphone so completing tests on the train or somewhere else wasn’t really thought about. But now, people access information of all kinds in this way. But the fundamental issue for us is our belief that if candidates are completing tests in such circumstances, they are unlikely to perform at their best taking.  There are also issues around fairness and opportunities for all. 

Whilst these devices are still portable they are more likely to be used in a stationary, single position which is conducive to concentration and focus on completing a test.

There are clearly challenges in preparing tests for mobile usage but we believe strongly that these can be overcome – and are embracing the challenge.

Executive Assessment: Safer Decisions when Filling Mission Critical Vacancies

Especially for middle and higher management positions a decision is often made solely on the basis of job experience and unstructured interviews - thereby mistakes can lead to immense financial and structural damages. The cut-e executive assessment service enables you to base your selection or promotion decision on valid, reliable and objective data.

It includes:

  • identification of the competencies to be assessed for decision making
  • an individual assessment of your candidate against these competencies
  • telephone feedback to you directly after the assessment
  • detailed feedback and development recommendations for the candidate
  • a written report

Experienced business psychologists apply a combination of innovative psychometric tools to provide you with the relevant information to make a safer decision.

Ask the Expert: How Important Is the Talent in Talent Management?

Talent management used to be about spotting those young striving ‘high potentials’ within the ranks in order to gather them into so called talent pools and systematically develop them – into the leaders and senior managers of tomorrow. This could create a somewhat elitist approach and focus on a select few –which perhaps ignoring all those other employees who without doubt also had some level of ‘talent’.

With demographic changes leading to a shortage of professionals and managers, companies can no longer afford this elitist approach to talent management.

So, consider replacing the word ‘talent’ with ‘potential’ – and suddenly it becomes logical to include the whole workforce. The new objective: to uncover, harness and develop all available potential within every employee.

Some say that talent management reduces turnover, some say it heightens productivity, but how do you recognize what people are good at and whether they have the potential to do more?

With the right online tests and questionnaires, Aonsupports you in the development of a talent management strategy and offers suitable solutions to recognize, develop and retain those employees with the potential to do more.

Efficiency Savings through Technical Integration

Integrating your assessment with your HRIS or ATS platform leads to efficiency gain, data integrity and paves the way for greater analysis of the test data. We have carried out scores of integrations with a range of third party technology providers and so we know the pitfalls, shortcuts and project management essentials – and we can work with you to implement a full recruitment process. Going forward and as the need to demonstrate ROI grows and there is a greater use of talent analytics, data needs to be in one place, and readily available. Our clients appreciate the hassle-free interface that a cut-e integration gives - and their candidates benefit from a seamless, relevant and slick selection process. 

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