Building Diversity With Assessment

Widen your talent pool. Create the added value that a diverse range of skills, backgrounds, personalities and experience gives your business. Aon helps you ensure your assessments attract and support greater diversity. 

Do The
Right Thing

Fair, objective and transparent decisions get the right person for the job. 

Widen Your
Talent Pool 

Assess only job-relevant criteria, combat bias and capture potential. 

Employer Brand

Promote your diversity and inclusion values to engage applicants and clients.


How We Can Help Achieve Greater Diversity

Achieve diversity through fair hiring 

Creating a diverse workforce is about welcoming a blend of skills, experience, language, knowledge and approaches. A diverse workforce creates tangible business value.

To achieve diversity, companies need to focus on job-relevant criteria during the assessment process.


Fair assessment is at the core of diversity

Fair assessment focuses on the job's requirements and the job-relevant attributes of the applicant, thereby removing any human biases. All Aon assessments are built on fair testing and assessment principles. We design and trial our tests to eliminate bias and consult organizations on how to design fair assessment and hiring processes.


Partner with Aon to ensure fairness

To make sure that your testing and assessment processes are impartial, you need an assessment partner with scientifically-proven tools and knowledge of fair processes. You need to understand how assessments fit with your corporate culture and how they can be tailored without unjust discrimination for different roles.

Features of Aon's Diversity Capability

  • Research and analytics experts
  • Mobile testing to engage a wider talent pool
  • Track record in proving bias and non-bias in assessment
  • Fairness for all - regardless of language spoken or learning disabilities
  • Added fairness through automated scoring
  • Highly valid and robust products
  • Tests certified by Det Norske Veritas, according to the ITC
  • I/O and business psychologists who are specialized in diversity


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