Digital Readiness: Key competence of the future workforce

With the increased adoption of automation and data-driven technologies, the workforce is changing rapidly - regardless of whether we are prepared to face it. Keeping up with the velocity of change is vital to success. This means building digital readiness into your organization's DNA so your workforce is ready to face an uncertain and constantly changing future. Digital readiness enables employees to navigate the digital world of work successfully and to feel comfortable in a digital environment.

Digital Talent

Spot the digitally capable who are ready to work in the digital future. 

Build Digital

Share and internalize digital knowledge to grow an agile business. 

Your Teams

Embed digital DNA into teams: embrace change, be flexible and constantly learn.


Assessing Digital Readiness

Aon's Readiness Model in Practice

Aon’s Digital Readiness Model can be applied in practice to assess and understand individuals, teams or the entire employee population's digital competencies. By using the ADEPT-15® personality questionnaire in combination with the cognitive ability test gridChallenge™ you receive a comprehensive overview of a person's digital readiness. The result is a digital readiness profile highlighting how the person maps onto the model's eleven competencies. The model has been developed over years of analysis researching how people successfully work within digital environments.

An assessment of personality and ability measures the level of digital competence, summarized in an individual report showing strengths and development areas.


Recognize digital competence

Identify the talent with a willingness to learn, openness to change and the capability to adapt to new situations. These are the core digital competencies.

An assessment of personality and ability measures the level of digital competence, summarized in an individual report showing strengths and development areas.


Foster digital leadership

Upskill and develop the digital capabilities and competencies of your leaders. Grow their confidence and knowledge through reverse mentoring and the development tips included in the Digital Readiness Report.

In our digital readiness model we define drive to lead, championing collaboration, humility and empowerment as digital leadership competencies. These are particularly important in cross-functional teams. Leaders also need to be aware of their shortcomings, too. A sense of humility and empowerment will help ensure they have the right skills around them to supplement themselves and empower their people in the right ways.

How to lead your people into the  digital future - a simple framework



Steps to Build a Digitally-Ready Organization


Define a model of potential and organizational fit
Understand your workforce you need to know and understand your workforce to help them find the right career path and role in the organization.

Design or select future-proof skills and job architectures
To enable talent mobility you need to understand what roles or career steps are a good fit for your employees.

Assess for competencies, behaviors and jobs/skills match
Assessments like our digital readiness solution or a skills inventory provide great insights and help with understanding what everyone brings to the table, what interests people have and where to start preparing for the future.

Define individual transition paths or career paths and development plans
You need to help your employees get to know their own strenghts, skills and ability to allow them to make informed decisions and also to give them the power to invest in their own development.

Provide business insights and show talent gaps
Employee communication and education will be key to support these efforts.

Facilitate employees in owning their careers
After identfying gaps you need to close them. This includes training, re-training and upskilling. You need to prepare your emplyees for new challenges and make them master new tasks. Don't forget to take your employees on this journey or more so enable them to drive their own career journey.


Did you know?

59 % of HR leaders say their organizations don't have a defined set of skills needed for their digital transformation.*

Features of Aon's Digital Competency Assessment

  • Short test times
  • Customizable to your brand
  • Development tips and actions included in report


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