Recruit and Develop Digital Talent

Succeed in an innovative workplace with digitally-ready workers. Digital readiness enables employees to navigate the digital world of work successfully and to feel comfortable in a digital environment. It is an essential competence for today’s work environment.

Digital Talent

Spot the digitally capable who are open to working in the digital future. 

Build Digital

Share and internalize digital knowledge to grow an agile business. 

Your Teams

Embed digital DNA into teams: embrace change, be flexible and constantly learn.


Aon's Digital Readiness Assessment Helps You:

Recognize digital competence

Identify the talent with a willingness to learn, openness to change and the capability to adapt to new situations. These are the core digital competencies.

An assessment of personality and ability measures the level of digital competence, summarized in an individual report showing strengths and development areas.


Have confidence in the model 

Aon’s Digital Readiness Model has been developed over years of analysis of how people successfully work within digital environments.

It is built around three essential elements of a person’s digital readiness and supported by eight additional competencies.

Embrace it and apply it to your organization.


Foster digital leadership

Upskill and develop the digital capabilities and competencies of your leaders. 

Grow their confidence and knowledge through reverse mentoring and the development tips included in the Digital Readiness Report.


Support your business' digital transformation

Define the competencies your business needs to lead you through digital transformation.

Understand who in the business has these skills – and bring in new talent when needed.

Features of Aon's Digital Competency Assessment

  • Short test times
  • Customizable to your brand
  • Development tips and actions included in report


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