Gamified Assessment by Aon: Engaging. Innovative. Proven. 

Gamified assessment strengthens candidate engagement and differentiates the assessment process from the hiring competition. Research shows that gamified assessment is accepted and welcomed by applicants, and still provides objective talent data.  


Gamified assessments deliver stronger candidate engagement and higher completion rates. 

More Than
Simply Online 

Designed with the capabilities and screen sizes of smartphones and mobile devices in mind.  

In Results

Accurate and psychometrically robust tests that include gaming elements.


Aon's Gamified Assessments Help You:

Understand gamification and when to use it

When is a gamified assessment simply a game? 

Games: are great for attracting applicants – and we’ve seen great success with these. However, they are not suitable for making hiring decisions. 

Gamifying assessments: either building a story around a standard online assessment or designing new and robust assessments to include gaming elements. We do both for our clients to increase completion rates without compromising on robust measurement.


Achieve greater engagement and higher completion rate

Short and engaging - thanks to gamification - smartPredict is a range of tests that can be used early in the hiring process. They reliably screen out unsuitable applicants – saving their time and yours. 

More than this, applicants recognize them as tests and not games leading to strong completion rates. Serious tests for serious situations.


Predict how candidates will react to real work situations

chatAssess has revolutionized SJTs. Optimized for mobile use, it looks like an app-based messaging system built around problems and requests typical in your business environment.  

chatAssess has changed the way the world thinks about situational judgment assessment.


An easy way to add gamification to your testing

Embed any Aon standard online test or questionnaire within the cover story and add a quick gaming element to the hiring process. 

It is both customizable and a unique assessment that adds something special to the hiring process.



Features of Aon's Gamified Assessment 

  • Customizable to your brand
  • Mobile-first assessments
  • Self-explanatory: interactive example sequences
  • Cheat-proof due to item generators
  • High acceptance among applicants
  • Seamless integration into any workflow systems
  • Device independent
  • Highly valid and robust assessments
  • Short test times

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