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Gamified assessment strengthens candidate engagement and differentiates the assessment process from the hiring competition. Research shows that gamified assessment is accepted and welcomed by applicants, and still provides objective talent data.  


Gamified assessments deliver stronger candidate engagement and higher completion rates. 

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Designed with the capabilities and screen sizes of smartphones and mobile devices in mind.  

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Accurate and psychometrically robust tests that include gaming elements.

What is Gamification in Recruitment?

Gamification in recruitment is all about gamifying the components of the hiring process – most notably, the assessment stages. However, let’s be clear, it isn't about introducing frivolous games into the hiring manager’s decision-making process. Nor is it about making tests or assessments out of games (otherwise known as game-based assessment). Gamified assessments are entirely different.

Gamified assessments take robust, scientific psychometric tests and introduce some elements of gaming (such as progressing through levels, earning points or getting badges) to create a more engaging and contemporary-looking online test.

The result is a psychometric test. This is no different from a traditional psychometric test in that it measures the abilities it is designed to measure. However, it has some gaming components built around it.

Why is there so much talk about gamification in recruitment?

Quickly spotting the best in your applicant pool, engaging with your candidates and making sure you stand out from your competition are becoming increasingly essential for all recruiters. Graduate-age candidates tend to expect stronger engagement, immediate feedback and a selection process that is reflective of the mobile world in which they operate.

Taking all this into consideration, hiring companies want an updated type of psychometric test that gives them the robust information they need about the applicant's capabilities and a fantastic user experience for the candidates.

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What do candidates think about gamification in recruitment?



reported it gave a better or the same impression of the company.


reported that the gamified assessment held their attention more (or the same as) traditional tests.


thought it as being fair
if not better.

How do the results of gamified assessments compare to those from traditional online psychometric tests?

A great question. Research shows there is no significant difference between the levels of ability measured by more traditional online tests and those that include gamified tests.

The same research study showed that test takers who enjoy games rate the hiring organization more positively as a prospective employer than those completing traditional online tests. However, those who say they do not particularly enjoy games, don’t rate the company lower.

So, using gamified assessment in your hiring offers you the opportunity to only improve applicant perceptions.

Aon's Gamified Assessments Help You:

Understand gamification and when to use it

When is a gamified assessment simply a game? 

Games: are great for attracting applicants – and we’ve seen great success with these. However, they are not suitable for making hiring decisions. 

Gamifying assessments: either building a story around a standard online assessment or designing new and robust assessments to include gaming elements. We do both for our clients to increase completion rates without compromising on robust measurement.

Those embracing gamification in assessment are seeing benefits over and above those of traditionally-delivered psychometric tests, including:

  • Stronger engagement with applicants and a better reported user experience.
  • A differentiated selection process. Candidates remember the company as having an innovative approach to assessment.
  • A more 'serious' assessment than the game-based assessments on the market which are set in outer space and the like! Candidates want the assessment to be serious as it reflects the importance of their application.
  • A hiring tool that supports any corporate, forward-thinking, market-leading brand value.
  • Supports the desire to create a more diverse and inclusive applicant pool.
  • A more contemporary assessment process. Gamified assessments are designed for, and are delivered to, mobiles and integrate seamlessly with their application systems and ATS.
  • Generates more applicants – and higher quality applicants.
  • Recruitment efficiencies.


Achieve greater engagement and higher completion rate

Short and engaging - thanks to gamification - smartPredict is a range of tests that can be used early in the hiring process. They reliably screen out unsuitable applicants – saving their time and yours. 

More than this, applicants recognize them as tests and not games leading to strong completion rates. Serious tests for serious situations.


Predict how candidates will react to real work situations

chatAssess has revolutionized situational judgement tests. Optimized for mobile use, it looks like an app-based messaging system built around problems and requests typical in your business environment. 

chatAssess has changed the way the world thinks about situational judgment assessment.


Where does gamified assessment fit in the hiring process?

Embed any Aon standard online test or questionnaire within the cover story and add a quick gaming element to the hiring process. 

It is both customizable and a unique assessment that adds something special to the hiring process.

Features of Aon's Gamified Assessment 

  • Customizable to your brand
  • Mobile-first assessments
  • Self-explanatory: interactive example sequences
  • Cheat-proof due to item generators
  • High acceptance among applicants
  • Seamless integration into any workflow systems
  • Device independent
  • Highly valid and robust assessments
  • Short test times

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