Driving Up Management Team Effectiveness Through Assessment

Studies show that 40% of the time executives spend in meetings is unproductive.
Radically reduce this by understanding the areas for improvement in meetings and take action.  


Team members assess the proficiency of the group, not each other. Results benchmarked against other executive teams.

Action Plans 

Diagnostic tool highlights areas for improvement. Specific actions enable speedy and visible change. 

in Research 

Decades of research and development, with 200+ executive teams studied. Highly effective, practical and valid.

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Aon's Management Team Assessment Helps:

Have confidence in the results

Built on a well-researched model of management team effectiveness, which has identified the indicators of high performing teams and the factors that influence this.

The assessment has been used with 200 executive teams across the globe and gives the assurance of the right next steps to take. 


Highlight immediate action 

Profile Report highlights each team member’s scores on the different questionnaire items. 

Recommendations are provided on how the team and each individual can improve their productivity in meetings.

Features of Aon's Management Team Assessment 

  • Available in multiple languages
  • High acceptance among management level employees
  • Concrete suggestions for improvement
  • International norm benchmarks
  • Customizable to your brand
  • Diagnoses team effectiveness through self-assessment


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