Take Assessment Centers To The Next Level

Enable your centers with Aon's online Assessment Center technology: easy to access, customized assessment materials, generation of personalized timetables, combined results and instant reporting - all completely paperless. Aon helps:

Make it
Easy for All

Candidates, assessors, HR and administrators benefit from real-time information presented as required. 

Provide a
Paperless Experience

Make it easy for your assessors to rate, describe and compare. Instant sharing and saving of sensitive data. 

Your Brand

Include company-specific information, customized exercises, branded assessments and personalized timetables.


Additional Benefits of Paperless Assessment Centers

the Admin 

Manage materials, resources and ratings before, during and after the event. 

Compile Results

Interactive group exercises with immediate shared aggregated scores.

Resource Center

Everything you need to plan, execute and set-up an Assessment Center.


Aon's Paperless Assessment Centers Help You:

Transform your Assessment Centers

Improve the quality of your assessments, the event's organization and the access to candidate information.

Aon takes Assessment and Development Centers to the next level.


Manage, organize and resource

Aon's paperless Assessment Center helps organize, manage and resource your centers.

It allows you to create, store and manage your assessment materials and allocate resources. On the day of the assessment, candidates have access to personalized timetables and can present materials as needed. Afterwards, scores and comments are combined and reports are generated instantly.


Take human error out of the equation

Assessment Centers typically include observers making notes about candidates. These notes are then keyed into a database or other system.

Aon's Paperless Assessment Center removes the need for transcribing and eliminates errors. Observers enter comments directly into the system.

Features of Aon's Paperless Assessment Centers

  • Wholly online and paperless
  • Customizable to your brand
  • Self-explanatory: interactive example sequences
  • Cheat-proof aptitude tests due to item generators
  • High acceptance amongst candidates
  • Instant report generation
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Brings together all assessment scores – exercises, tests, presentations


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