Effective Volume Hiring 

Volume Hiring is about giving all applicants a fair chance, recognizing potential and knowing who to move forward fast. You also want to complete this in a way that supports your brand and objective hiring practices.
Aon can help:

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Identify Potential

Know what makes for success. Design and automate the process accordingly.

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Focus on
Each Candidate 

Respectful, job-relevant and branded assessments help everyone to engage positively.

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Volume of Applicants

A valid, consistent and seamless process provides relevant decision-making data.


How We Can Help 

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Secure quality: focus on the right candidates

Know what you need - and remove candidates who do not match.
Aon helps you set up a process to find the right hires:

1. Understand successful employees' values, characteristics and skills.
2. Help applicants decide if they are the right fit with realistic job previews.
3. Assess critical success factors and set cut-offs in hiring.


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Increase the efficiency of your screening

Volume Hiring done right, helps you save costs and raise the quality of your hires. Our valid aptitude tests and personality questionnaires provide reliable information to identify the stronger candidates early in the process. This allows you to focus on people with the right potential, and secure them quickly.


Ramp up for growth, flexibility or seasonal hiring

Aon enables organizations to master hiring spikes. The ‘secret’ lies in finding the optimum person-job match and being able to predict which candidates are most likely to be successful in the role.

We are experts in identifying the key success factors - personality characteristics and skills needed for the job. We design talent acquisition processes that allow you to reliably identify talent early on in the process to quickly fill roles with the best applicants.


Volume Hiring with RJP at easyJet

Make sure the right candidates apply: encourage self-selection

Offering realistic job previews helps applicants decide whether or not they really want to apply for the job in question. Applicants who decide to continue have a better understanding of the role's requirements, your organization's values and what leads to success. This results in applicants who are more motivated and have realistic expectations.


Volume Hiring with RJPs and Pathfinder

RPJs and Pathfinder

Our Realistic Job Previews (RJP) offer potential applicants an insight into the role to help them make an informed choice about their next step. Pathfinder offers guidance about which career path or area of work might suit them best.

Why use RJPs and Pathfinder? 
Retaining talent is key for all organizations. RJPs and Pathfinder help candidates understand the role, the organization’s culture and what is expected of them to help in their decision to apply. Those not suited to the job, opt out of applying, and hiring teams are then able to focus on the strongest candidates.

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Video Assessment for remote interviewing

Video Assessment

vidAssess-AI is an award-winning video interview platform, providing a mobile-enabled experience for both the recruiter and the candidate.

Why use vidAssess-AI
vidAssess-AI helps by pre-selecting candidates who display specific, job-relevant competencies. The solution works on mobiles, laptops, tablets or PCs and can be fully branded with customized introductory videos, reflective of your employer branding and value proposition.

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Using Personality Questionnaires in Volume Hiring

Personality Test ADEPT-15®

ADEPT-15® is an award-winning, scientifically-based assessment designed to accurately uncover the unique aspects of an individual’s personality to help organisations to hire, promote and develop the best talent. Why use ADEPT-15® It relies on modern data science and psychometric techniques to mitigate socially desirable responding to ensure accurate prediction of on-the-job behaviour.

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Video Assessment

vidAssess-AI is an award-winning video interview platform, providing a mobile-enabled experience for both the recruiter and the candidate. Why use vidAssess-AI vidAssess-AI can improve the pre-selection of a specific, identified, targeted group. The solution works on mobiles, laptops, tablets or PCs and can be fully branded with customised introductory videos, reflective of your employer branding value proposition.

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Situational Judgment - chatAssess

chatAssess is a customizable, psychometric communications game. This powerful situational judgement tool is designed to resemble an instant messaging interface..

Why use chatAssess?
chatAssess was created to be a valid and immersive SJT, being both realistic and fun to complete. Like a Realistic Job Preview, this can inform the candidate about issues and challenges likely to arise in the role for which they applied.

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Measurable Outcomes for Our Clients

Saved over 3 Years
better pre-selection  = fewer ACs

of Low-fit Applicants 

due to opting out 
(Dubai Duty Free)

Screened Out

based on value assessment 
(Jurys Inn)

in Time-to-Hire 

based on process efficiencies
(Outcome Health)

Assessment Solutions for Volume Hiring

  • Customized realistic job previews
  • Over 70 specific ability tests to choose from
  • Highly valid and robust products
  • High completion rates
  • All products available in multiple languages
  • Mobile-first assessments
  • Expertise in designing screening processes
  • Seamless applicant experience through integration


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