Great Recruitment for the Aviation Sector 

Selecting, hiring and training pilots, flight deck and cabin crew, ground staff, and other aviation roles requires a specialized approach.
Based on years of research, our unique suite of assessments specifically for the aviation industry measures the abilities, skills, behaviors and competencies that correlate to success in your organization.


Focus on what matters

It takes more than technical qualifications to work for an airline. Team members need to be resilient, focused on safety, able to plan effectively and capable of making the right decisions under pressure. 

Personality and behavior are relevant to success, and you want to define and recruit against selection criteria that address those factors.


Recognize potential for success

Reduce training drop-outs, minimize your risk and know who you should invest in. With our assessments, you can define scenarios your cabin crew faces every day, as well as the key competencies needed.

With realistic previews of the positions you are recruiting for, candidates gain an insight into the role, what is required, the common challenges and what to expect. It means those who apply truly understand the job and are motivated to do it right.


Manage applicant volume

You need a way to engage candidates and convey what makes you special to win the best-fit applicants. You also want to make sure everyone gets a fair shot at the job.

Our mobile-enabled assessments highlight the candidates who match your airline’s requirements and culture exactly, while still providing a great experience for those who aren’t ultimately chosen.

Measurable Results in Aviation Talent

US Dollar 
Cost Savings

through optimized hiring process

Saved Annually

by reliable selection of successful candidates
(CTC Aviation)

Screened Out

to prioritize top talent quickly and efficiently 


in flight simulator pass rates (Anonymous Airline)

Assessment Solutions for the Aviation Industry

  • Aviation-specific assessments
  • Based on EASA guidelines
  • High assessment completion rates
  • Mobile-first assessments
  • Customizable to your brand
  • Highly valid and robust assessments
  • Industry experience and proven track record
  • Available in multiple languages

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