Assess Technical Talent with Coding Assessments

Organizations have started to explore unconventional approaches for hiring technology talent – for example, some organizations have removed education as a qualifying criterion. The focus is on identifying candidates with the requisite skills for the role and who would also fit in the culture of the organization.

Aon’s coding assessments capture job-relevant data on each candidate’s coding skills and abilities, enabling you to make the right decisions for your hiring needs.

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Evaluate Coding Talent

Before hiring coding talent, you need to see what candidates can really do. A coding simulation provides valuable, job-specific data on each candidate’s skills and abilities.

Aon’s coding simulation provides a robust and scientific means of assessing technical talent. Assess tech talent by evaluating their ability to write logically correct, complete and algorithmically efficient code.

See Skills in Real-Time

In an environment as fast-paced as the technology sector, unexpected situations requiring quick resolutions are sure to arise. You need to hire coding talent that works under pressure.

Aon’s coding interview solutions enable hiring managers to assign coding challenges to candidates and observe their progress in real-time. Interviewers can rate candidates based on these exercises, offering a complete snapshot of each candidate’s abilities.

Rank Candidates by Skill

Coding talent is highly competitive. You need to be able to sort candidates quickly to identify and pursue your top picks.

Aon’s coding assessments make it easy to identify candidates with the most potential from the beginning of the hiring process, with customizable options across 30+ programming languages and five complexity levels.



       Engaging & Efficient Coding Assessments


Aon's coding simulation provides a great candidate experience and allows to code efficiently.

Code auto-complete
Allows candidates to auto-populate language specific keywords and declared variables to improve their coding efficiency.

Code history
Past successful code compilations can be loaded quickly during an assessment session to return to any previous state.

Custom input
Provide candidates an option to test their code submission w.r.t custom inputs.

Error & warning notification
UI for error and warning notification window allows candidates to quickly focus on critical errors.

Memory & time statistics
The statistics are displayed per test case result that helps developers write better code.

Night mode
Provides ease of use to candidates appearing from dark take-from-home environments.


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