Build a Digitally-Ready Workforce

The pressure of profitability, customer satisfaction and growth are forcing organizations to reinvent themselves. With the right assessments, your organization can optimize its talent strategy, hire and develop people equipped with digital skills and build a dynamic workforce that can adapt to the future.

Aon’s Assessment Solutions can reshape your workforce to be more agile, responsive, and resilient to thrive in uncertainty.
If you want to future-proof your workforce, your hiring needs to focus on talent with the ability and mindset to develop, upskill, reskill and learn new competencies as the environment, technologies and requirements change. In this environment, agility, curiosity and learnability are most closely associated with success.
These future competencies are not concerned with specifics, as we cannot predict what these are. Instead, we focus on being flexible, embracing change, and recognizing the necessity to upskill. Cultivating and hiring for these behaviors are essential in supporting the agility needed in the future.


Three Smartphones showing Digital Readiness Report

A New Model for Digital Leadership

Upskill and develop the digital competencies and capabilities of your leaders.

Our digital readiness model highlights drive to lead, championing collaboration, humility and empowerment as digital leadership competencies. These are particularly important in cross-functional teams. Leaders also need to be aware of their shortcomings. A sense of humility and empowerment will help ensure they have the right skills around them to supplement themselves and empower their people in the right ways.


Aon's pre-hire assessments are the cornerstone
of a data-driven talent strategy


Digital upskilling made easy

Find Digital-Ready talent
Identify candidates who are ready for the future of work, based on personality traits that align with digital success.

Develop a Workforce Ready to Evolve
Create a customized model of assessments that measures the behaviors and skills your organization will need in the future. Our assessments evolve as your workforce needs do.

Gain Actionable Insights
Transform your business strategy using predictive talent data. Understand the link between assessment scores and performance for your high-potential employees. Monitor and analyze assessment results to continuously optimize your hiring and retention strategy.

Design Jobs for the Future
Our assessments give you scientifically proven criteria to define what behaviors, skills and competencies your organization will need in the future. Recognize talent gaps early and identify the transferable skills in greatest demand.

Build a Data-Driven Talent Strategy
Match employees with the best-fit roles quickly to increase your organization's agility. Align talent acquisition and development actions to your people's unique competencies, behaviors and skills.

Drive Cultural Change
Develop a workforce that fits your needs and culture through our talent analytics, performance data and forecasts. No one knows what the future holds, but customizable assessments can help you prepare for uncertainty and seize opportunities.


Features of Aon's Digital Skills Assessment

  • Short test times
  • Customizable to your brand
  • Development tips and actions included in report

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