Predict Performance with Job Simulations

Candidates that look best in the application stage aren’t always the right choice. To really narrow down the best-fit candidates for the role, you need to see them in action. Job simulations give you a glimpse into each candidate’s potential.
Aon’s situational judgment assessment solutions use an engaging platform to collect data predicting candidates’ on-the-job behaviors and performance. Armed with that information, you can make more reliable selection decisions.


  Predict On-The-Job Performance

Provide a Glimpse Into the Role
Immerse candidates in the job’s day-to-day activities. If candidates don’t like what they see, they can self-select out of the process — saving you from making a bad hire.

Gain Behavioral Insights
Job simulations are highly predictive of future performance. Behaviors drive day-to-day actions and decisions. By navigating role-specific situations, candidates can demonstrate the types of behaviors they’re likely to engage in on the job.

Screen Candidates Efficiently and Fairly
Screen a high volume of candidates at an early stage, without bias. Negligible group differences have been found for job simulations; people who complete assessments are operating on a level playing field.


Design a Situational Judgment Test

Define the Job

Find out about and understand the specific job. Job simulations should be validated for a specific job in a specific organization. They are best suited to high volumes of mid-level jobs

Create Assessment Content

Create content and the initial score key. Applicants are presented with real-life work situations and asked: what would you do if faced with this situation? Applicants either select or rate appropriateness of proposed possible actions, and responses are compared to the answers considered to be the right action by subject matter experts on the role.

Conduct a Trial

Test your content with people currently in the role to evaluate the link from response to known performance. Analyze the results and amend the questionnaire if needed. This validation, prior to launch, ensures excellent validity and demonstrable return on investment.

Implement Your Job Simulation

Integrate your assessment into your recruiting process. Our technology is flexible, mobile friendly, and interactive.

Additional Benefits of Aon's Situational Judgment Tests

  • High completion rates
  • Positive feedback from applicants
  • Customizable to your brand and role
  • No adverse impact
  • Highly valid SJTs with business impact
  • Integratable with your HRIS
  • Designed specifically for smartphones

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