Meeting Key Public Sector Challenges With Aon

Discover how Aon’s Assessment Solutions can help governments and the public sector around the world assess the right candidates with online assessments. This is how Aon helps organizations:


Fairness and Diversity

Widen your talent pool to ensure diversity of skills, backgrounds, personalities and experience.

Legal Standards

Have confidence that your assessment process exceeds data privacy, diversity, ethical and legal standards.

High Volumes

Ensure objective and reliable screening with compliant assessments to make optimimal selection decisions.


How We Can Help

Identify and win the best-fit candidates for jobs in the public sector

Are you able to quickly and reliably identify the best candidates who apply to your organization? Do you only select a handful of candidates from hundreds of applicants every year? Do you want a cutting-edge yet affordable selection process?

Whatever your questions or challenges when it comes to selecting candidates, Aon enables you to find the best. The earlier in the selection process you identify the required talent and abilities, the earlier you can focus on the best-fit people. This allows you to fill the positions with candidates who are going to add value to your business - today and in the future.

Even unsuccessful candidates will take away a positive impression of your organization having been involved in a transparent, fair and cutting-edge selection process.


Online aptitude tests for pre-selection

For years, research has shown that aptitude tests predict long-term career success. There are few instruments that offer so much value for the decision-making process with a comparable amount of effort.

Aon's aptitude tests are developed making best use of web technology. They are designed in such a way that a reliable, decentralized and successful completion is possible without the presence of a test supervisor. This means that all tests can be used to identify potential and are particularly suitable for efficient pre-selection as part of the online recruitment process.


Online behavioral assessment to select the right candidates

ADEPT-15 is an award-winning questionnaire that captures a candidate’s character traits, attitudes and motives which are defined as desirable for the job. The adaptive online questionnaire can be completed in approximately 20 minutes and provides a reliable basis for selection decisions and preparing a personal interview with a candidate.


vidAssess: the future of data-driven video assessment

Video interviewing has evolved to become an essential component in talent acquisition. Now that every smartphone and tablet possesses a built-in camera - and candidates are comfortable with video calling, via apps such as FaceTime and Skype - every recruitment team needs to understand that video interviews have changed: data-driven video assessment is the future and will make your hiring process more efficient and effective.


Situational Judgment Tests (SJT), gamification and custom tests

Situation matters. At Aon we know about it – we design specific situational judgement assessments that are unique and reflect the every-day decisions those in the specific role may need to make.

Gamified assessment takes the science of psychometric tests and applies gaming elements. This makes the tests more engaging and attractive to test takers and offers greater information to test users. Results indicate candidate competencies, skills and personality characteristics.

We also provide custom tests such as multiple choice tests with target group oriented content.


Seamless integration into existing systems

All the processes offered by Aon can be integrated seamlessly into your existing application management, assessment or HR systems  (e.g. Taleo, SAP-HR, Lumesse EasyCruit, i-GRasp, Talentlink etc.).

Importantly, it incorporates your company's look and feel, giving applicants a seamless experience.

Measureable Outcomes We Have Achieved For Our Clients


drop in litigation rates

reduction in turnover

reduction in workers' compensation claims

improvement in customer satisfaction scores

Aon's Assessment Solutions for the Public Sector

  • Approved, certified and trusted by more than 100 public sector organizations around the world.
  • Highest data security standards in the industry.
  • Experienced with work councils, data protection, legal aspects, and government regulations and procedures.
  • Fully mobile enabled and provides great user experience.
  • Fair testing and in accordance with international guidelines on employee selection procedures (adverse impact).
  • Highest psychometric standards in the industry.
  • Certified by international organizations for barrier-free testing such as ISO and BITV.
  • Highest standards in system reliability.


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