Selecting Future Leaders
to Realize Strategy
at Burger King

Using online assessment
to identify leaders ready
to make bold decisions


Selecting Leaders
through a Finely-Tuned Assessment
Process Focused an Skills and Cultural Fit

Burger King EMEA introduced Aon (previously cut-e) assessments to identify the best-fit applicants for its Leadership Development Program (LDP)to enable the company's future strategy. The outcome included higher retention raten and faster promotion of the programs graduates.

"With a strong brand name and great development program, attracting applicants to the program was not an issue. The challenge was how to manage the volume and identify the most talented applicants."

Ms Lauri Hutsbergen, director of people, communications and IT for EMEA

The Challenge

Selecting Leaders Ready
to Make Bold Decisions

The Burger King Corporation has undergone a significant transformation in the way it manages its business and this has resulted in substantial growth. lt has made bold and definitive choices — and the people it selects to take the business forward need to reflect this spirit.

Ms Lauri Hulsbergen, director of people, communications and IT for EMEA, comments:

"We need to have the right people who fit our culture and who will continue to take our business forward. This means that we want people with the right skills, talent and energy ready to serve our customers the best burgers in the world."

"We are meritocratic and want our people to enjoy work. We have a great brand and are going to make it better and better every year by bringing great people into the business. We have long-term goals and want people with the passion, motivation and ability to achieve these. Our Leadership Development Program for EMEA offers highly talented recent graduates the opportunity to get inside our business and make things happen."

The program builds an the model of leadership development which has been designed by the Burger King Corporation and blends in-restaurant, in¬region and headquarter-based training and experience in order to gain an understanding of the critical role skills needed for a successful business.

"Although we are not looking for these program graduates to become restaurant managers, they need to have credibility and insight for when they talk with franchisees in the future,"

says Ms Hulsbergen.


The Solution

Finely-Tuned Assessment Process Focused on Skills and Cultural Fit

"One of the hardest parts in the design of the process was to determine the weighting we should give to the results of each tool. However, together with Aon, we looked closely at the cut-offs and where candidates would progress to the next stage or be rejected, and we fine-tuned the weightings until the funnel felt right to us all. In the end, the balance is slightly more about cultural fit than analytical ability."

Ms Lauri Hutsbergen, director of people, communications and IT for EMEA

With a recruitment campaign running across Europe and with over 13,000 applicants in the past two years, Burger King EMEA knew that it needed to be able to focus
on those with the real talent for its organization. The result was to redefine and redesign its process and, working with Aon, introduce online assessment.

Initial qualifying questions help to ensure that only those meeting the requirements of the program progress through to further assessment. In the past two years,
over 6,000 online tests have been completed by these candidates. The online testing includes a numerical reasoning test and the shapes personality assessment to check the candidate's cultural alignment to Burger King EMEA — in terms
of, for example, openness to change, ability to prioritize and ambition.

Those candidates progressing after the online tests are invited to an assessment center where they participate in an observed simulated business game. A total of 1,200 candidates over the two-year period have progressed to this stage. Those who perform well at this stage are invited to further interviews and approximately 20 candidates are offered a place in the accelerated program.

Applicant Journey - with Statistics from the Last Two Years

The Outcome

Increased Retention and Fast Promotion — the Results of Right Recruitment Choices

Burger King EMEA tracks its LDP graduates and their progression through the business. Since introducing online testing into the selection process, retention has increased considerably.

  • The retention rate doubled when comparing the classes of 2012 and 2014.
  • Most of the LDP graduates are promoted to the rote of senior analyst within the first 18 months.
  • More than one-third of current manager level positions are now occupied by former LDPs, having been promoted between one and three years after completing the program.

Burger King APAC has started to work with Aon's tests as part of their LDP selection.

"The value of introducing Aon's assessments into our LDP selection process within EMEA is clear. We are able to focus our attention an selecting only those withthe best fit to our quite specific and defined characteristics. We can see the rapid progress of these people, their commitment to the business and the value they bring. The design of the process allows us to adjust in case we require new skills or characteristics."

Ms Lauri Hutsbergen, director of people, communications and IT for EMEA

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