Fairly Identifying Best
Applicants to Deliver
Business Strategy
at Outcome Health

Understanding the characteristics of success
and spotting these in applicants

The Challenge

Predicting Later Sales Success in Applicants and Reducing Hiring Time

Outcome Health sought to hire the very best candidates for its fast-paced, ground-breaking business. However, it was about more than spotting great talent; the team wanted to prove that the tests used are free from bias and are valid, predictive and objective. Also that they can help the business save valuable time during recruitment.Outcome Health chose to work with Aon (formerly cut-e) by initially defining the characteristics that make for high performance in the company and then working out how best to measure these during the hiring phase. The result is a clear profile match score that highlights those likely to succeed, a significant reduction in management hiring time and positive candidate feedback.

Identifying — Fairly and Ethically —
Those Who Will Deliver Outcome Health's Unique Brand

Outcome Health has witnessed its revenues growing by 100% year-on-year, as well as a rapid increase in employee numbers. "We needed scalable HR solutions to support our continued expansion plans and to find and develop those capable of delivering our very unique brand," explains Jason Kemp, senior HR business partner at Outcome Health. He continues: "Having seen the role that technology is already playing in other rapidly-expanding organizations, we wanted to introduce the assessment tools and technology that would help us make better, stronger and more reliable decisions as we hire our Member Solutions Executives (MSEs)."

The MSE is a critical position for Outcome Health. MSEs are the people delivering the company's strategy as they help the end client to use the technology. Choosing the wrong people for this role means that Outcome Health loses its ability to scale its business. However, it was important to the entire team that there was evidence that the tools they chose to implement would provide the right information an which to make decisions.

Outcome Health already had a strong selection process in place: interview; work sample; and individual presentation. As a starting point, the team looked at those data points gathered from this information which could help predict successful applicants. From this exercise, Outcome Health already realized the benefits from combining assessment information. The company knew that an interview alone provided farless accurate predictions of success than when the company combined the interview information with that gained from a work sample exercise.

The team realized that what was missing in its early selection stage was areliable, valid and objective measurement of specific behavioral and competency characteristics needed for success. However, it knew that any assessment introduced needed to be fair to all candidates.

Outcome Health Identified Six Key Challenges:

The Solution

Confirming the Difference Between
'Good' and 'Great'

The Outcome Health team was keen to explore with Aon how robust, online assessment could enhance its current selection activity — and contribute to a more predictive and scientific process.

Outcome Health and Aon wanted to understand what made those who were `great' at their job different from those who were merely `good'. They wanted to identify a Success Profile which was aligned with their seven functional competencies and its seven values.

Understanding these competencies and values, made it clear that those who were high performers approached work differently — displaying very different behavior and characteristics.

The question was: how do you measure these and how do you highlight candidates with these attributes?

The team shortlisted Aon assessments that could be incorporated in to the current hiring process — and then sought to check the ability of these tools to measure the desired characteristics in order to predict sales success.

Defining a Valid Testing Approach

A concurrent validation study looked at the assessment scores of 37 high-performing current MSEs and correlated these with their performance metrics. The strong correlation showed that 89% of the high performers could have been predicted from their test scores.

However, this was not enough to immediately introduce the tools into the recruitment process. lt was essential that the assessment was investigated for any possible bias.

Part of the remit of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission in the US is to ensure that there is no 'adverse impact' from the use of any assessment methods. Therefore, a key building block for Aon and Outcome Health was to understand how the assessments worked across different groups of people.

As such, Outcome Health used the assessments in `safe mode'. During `safe mode', even though the assessments were deployed with 'live' applicants, the data itself was not used to make any decisions. What did take place, however, was a review of how the assessment functioned across different demographic groups to determine if there was any adverse impact.

Outcome Health integrated the Aon assessments with its applicant tracking system, Greenhouse, and a tailored portal was set up by Aon to enable Outcome Health-branded assessments and reports. The assessments were built into the initial stage of its recruitment process, with test scoring automatically generating a `match' against the success profile.

"From the `safe mode' study, no evidence of adverse impact wasdetected. This means that the assessment not only predicts performance but is applicable across all the applicant demographic groups. This information was critical to the deployment of the assessments."

Jason Kemp, Outcome Health


The Outcome

A Process That is Time-saving, Predictive and Free from Adverse Impact

Outcome Health has implemented a valid, predictive and fair assessment process. The functionality is intuitive and links seamlessly with its candidate data system. Recruiters gain deeper insight into the candidates and greater confidence about the decisions they make.

Benefits Realized

Time savings were significant. "Our biggest resource consumed in recruitment is manager time and, from deploying the Aon assessments, we have cut the managers' time spent by 50%. That is important in this high-volume, high-speed, agile recruitment culture."

  • An assessment with no adverse impact
  • Strong prediction of later sales success
  • Recruiters gained process efficiencies with hiring
  • Reducing managers' time spent by 50%

Positive Candidate Feedback
and Experience

One huge additional benefit was that the candidates enjoyed the assessment.
Jason comments: "This was an added bonus for us at Outcome Health. Candidates told us that the tests gave them something back; that this was not just about applying for a role, but they learned something about themselves."

New Application and Assessment Process:

  • Makes applying enjoyable
  • Is intuitive and seamless for the candidate
  • Gives applicants self-insight

"Adding rigor into the assessment process is far and abovethe best way for us to spot high performers."

Jason comments: "We have seen the power, utility and ease of use of the tools to recruit the best people — and have gained some significant efficiencies by integrating the assessments with our applicant tracking system, Greenhouse."

However, the work does not stop there.


Looking for Better Prediction from Revisiting the Work Sample

The Outcome Health team knows that the accuracy of its decisions increasesdramatically when they use a combination of Aon assessment, the Outcome Health work sample test and Interviews. The company is keen to explore how tweaking the process can further improve the decision-making process.

Jason comments: "We know that the Aon assessment is a robust input for us and we want to use theexpertise of Aon to further develop our work sample. Having a scientific assessment partner is an absolute central point to building greater confidence in the recruitment decisions made."

Jason concludes: "Aon has a great team. They showed us what is possible — and they delivered it. We have been able to work quickly and effectively, drawing an their expertise to achieve the best outcome."

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