Improved Selection Enables
Higher Sales Revenue
at Sunglass Hut

Hiring better quality retail associates
in order to grow the business

The Challenge

  • Find the best 700 hires from over 70,000 applicants per year
  • Reduce the time-to-hire
  • Improve user experience for applicants
  • Increase the quality of hire

The Solution

The optimized talent acquisition process included the development of customized realistic job previews and a situational judgment test, as well as an online personality assessment.

The Outcome

  • Definition of key performance indicators
  • Understand what makes for high performance – and assess for this
  • Develop robust, ground-breaking, engaging assessment
  • Enable time, money and resource savings through process efficiencies

Optimized Talent Acquisition Process


"Introducing the Aon assessments into the retail associate application has given us a way to identify the best applicants and to then appoint them quicker, saving time and resources but also ensuring our retail outlets are fully staffed sooner. Better quality retail associates provide us with an increase in sales to grow our business."

Mr Scott Schroeder, Director for Talent Acquisition at Luxottica Retail Australia

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