Assessment Centers
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Saving resources,
time and supporting the brand
with paperless assessment centers


Vodafone UK set out to revolutionize assessment centers to save resources and time, while supporting the brand. Paperless assessment centers are now more efficient, shorter, and oller a cutting-edge experience.

The Challenge

Design a Streamlined, Efficient, Cost-Effective yet Innovative Assessment Center

Assessment centers have always played a vital role in the identification and selection of graduates at Vodafone. The company recognizes not only the depth of insight gained at such events but also the opportunity to promote the Vodafone brand. However, assessment centers are famously time-intensive and paper-heavy. Also, paper-based assessment centers are somewhat at odds with a business focused an usable and accessible technologies.

As a result, Vodafone invited Aon (formerly cut-e) to develop an innovative online approach to delivering its assessment centers. Three key objectives were set out at the start of the project, stipulating that the finished product needed to:

  • Represent the employer brand
  • Improve the candidate experience
  • Deliver HR efficiencies

The Solution

Aon's enAC
The Paperless Assessment Center

Aon introduced enAC— a web-based platform which enables recruiting teams to create, implement and manage paperless assessment centers.

The Vodafone enAC adopted the 'look and feel' of the company. The assessment content and Interface design were created after several meetings between Aon and internal Vodafone stakeholders across the world. This meant that Aon understood the specific local requirements of Vodafone assessors and its candidates and could incorporate this into the enAC.

Vodafone recruiters were able to create individual and group exercises using customized content, based on the requirements of specific roles. lt draws on behavioral indicators, role play, analysis exercises, development measures and competency-based interview questions that are suitable for a range of different roles in any business.

Putting enAC into Practice

Branded with the Vodafone logo and color scheme, the enAC Interface is visually appealing and engaging to use for both candidate and assessing recruiter. Candidates log onto the platform to access their personal daily schedules, assessments and activity materials, all of which have been uploaded swiftly by the Vodafone team. Similarly, assessors log onto the platform to find activity guides, competency-based interview questions, a note-taking function and individualized timetables.

As well as improving HR efficiency, individualized timetables create a smooth-running assessment day. To help boost the assessor team's confidence, familiarization and training, sessions were organized prior to the 'go live' date.

Tablet devices are given to candidates and assessors for the assessment day. By using only this to run the assessment center, the process's set-up and execution are quicker, cheaper and more reliable. Observers can easily rate participants and take paperless notes. Following the assessments, enAC consolidates all the collected behavioral observations, comments, ratings and test scores for each participant. lt also instantly creates an easy-to-interpret, competency-based report which highlights each person's strengths and development needs and suggests relevant interview questions. This enables the hiring team to execute the entire assessment center and proceed to hire within hours, which adds significant value.

The Outcome

Streamlined Candidate-Engaging
and Brand-Supporting

Vodafone is delighted with the results of the enAC implementation.

Candidates and assessors found the tool engaging and easy to use. lt has seen a reduction of 66% in administrative resources needed and a 50% reduction in the time taken for the debrief session. This means a faster and more accurate candidate assessment and time-to-hire.

Vodafone's hiring team now uses this solution not only to create assessment centers worldwide but also to manage all pre and post administration. As well as being a practical solution, enAC strengthens Vodafone's employer brand as a digital employer, delivering traditional assessment centers in a modern and original way.

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