Meeting recruitment challenges with Aon

In light of disruptive times, the retail industry landscape is facing change in established business models. Changing consumer habits and a customer journey longing for both shopping as an experience and flexible and fast deliveries lead to retailers facing a new reality. With omni-channel retail on the rise and new delivery service entrants in the market, also established brick-and-mortar stores may now also feel the urge to re-think the last mile of retail.

Aon has longstanding experience in retail recruitment strategies and their impact on talent decisions. From client-facing roles to delivery divers: Aon’s assessment solutions will help you to create perfect people-job matches whilst reducing your time to hire. We draw on our industry experience and range of cutting-edge, robust psychometric assessments to help our clients make the right talent decisions. 


The Best Candidates

Focus on the best-fit applicants for your business by assessing what matters.

Great Talent

Stand out from the hiring competition by providing an excellent applicant experience.

High Volumes

Effective screening enables reliable and objective selection decisions.


Customer-facing roles, delivery drivers and other target groups

Aon’s assessments are agile and flexible, allowing to assess both established and evolving roles of retail business models. Our solutions are developed to assess multiple retail employee roles such as:

  • Store Assistant
  • Sales Associate
  • Shop Floor Assistent
  • Front-end customer associate
  • Backroom Associates
    • Cashier
    • Check-out operators
    • Delivery drivers
    • Stockers
    • Pickers





How to enable a successful retail recruitment strategy


Introduce a fast-track application system
Make the hiring process smooth and enjoyable for candidates. Using virtual interviews and video assessment will even make remote easily hiring possible.

Focus on personality rather than experience
Many retail positions are manageable with training on the job, focusing less on previous experience. Personality assessments can help to assess motives and drive.

Treat candidates like customers
Making quick hiring decisions will allow candidates to see their future employers as responsive to their needs and will also have a positive impact on your employer brand.

Embrace flexibility and agility
Flexibility refers to a person’s ability to adapt to changing circumstances. When individuals are able to see the big picture and are willing to adjust their actions to meet that big picture level, we see individuals are both willing to and capable of adjusting tried-and-true methods to meet the needs of the situation.

Upskilling and re-training
Since the retail industry is a fast-paced environment, roles may change or evolve over time. Give starters guidance and also demonstrate various career paths to employees.


Provide realistic job previews

Applicants need to understand the role they are appliyng for. A realistic job preview helps applicants decide if the role and the company suit them. Situational judgment tests allow a deeper look at a company's day-to-day challenges and convey a positive brand message.

We deliver reliable, engaging and valid situational judgment assessments.


Measureable Outcomes We Have Achieved For Our Clients

Increase in 
sales revenue 

Increase in profit after
behavioral-based hiring
(Technology Business)

Increase in sales per hour
by new hires
(Sunglass Hut)

Self-select out after discovering what the job entails through testing
(Dubai Duty Free) 

Aon's Assessment Solutions for Retailers

  • High completion rates
  • Highly valid and robust products
  • Assessments available in multiple languages
  • Experienced psychologist consultants


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