Future-Proof Your Talent Acquisition

Aon has the know-how to optimize your entire talent acquisition process – from attraction to assessing and hiring best-fit talent. Our assessment team has successfully completed thousands of client projects, and has deep recruitment expertise and over 70 robust psychometric products at their disposal to identify and secure the right talent.
Icon identifiy best-fit applicants

Best-Fit Candidates

Measure the competencies, values and behaviors of applicants against the job role. Define a match score to inform talent decisions.

Icon optimize talent acquisition


Assess job-relevant criteria and speed up talent decisions and time-to-offer. Define objective hiring processes and deploy across locations and teams. 

icon save many with optimal talent acquisition


Reduce time and resources through AI-augmented assessments to focus quickly on the best candidates. Integrate assessments with HR systems.

Measurable Outcomes of Great Talent Acquisition

Great talent acquisition saves time and money and secures the right people with the right profile for the right job.

Screened Out

allowing focus on strong applicants

Time in the Job

of high performers due to good person-job-fit
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Positive Candidate Feedback

Aon’s gamified assessment described as market leading (Deloitte) 

Profit Generated

by sales teams with strong sales managers
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Talent Acquisition
Step by Step

icon candidate attraction


Attract and engage with the right talent.
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icon candidate screening


Focus on only the best-fit candidates.
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icon recruitment


Predict success in the role.
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icon attracting candidates


Attract and engage with the right talent.


You want to:

  • Support your employer brand and build relationships – whether an applicant is successful or not.
  • Differentiate your organization from the hiring competition.
  • Show applicants really what they are applying to – saving your valuable time and theirs.
  • Reach and appeal to a diverse and wide applicant pool.

Aon’s Assessment Solutions provides:


Additional features:


icon volume recruitment


Focus on only the best-fit candidates.


You want to:

  • Quickly and reliably sift out applicants who aren't suitable - knowing that you haven’t missed anyone good.
  • Know who to focus on faster than the competition.
  • Offer engaging assessments which candidates complete and even enjoy.
  • Offer a hassle-free, seamless experience to your applicants – and to your talent acquisition team.

Aon’s Assessment Solutions provides:

  • Great candidate experience through gamified assessments.
  • Differentiated job success profiles based on behaviors and abilities.
  • Confident sifting solutions through AI-augmented video interviewing.
  • Experienced consultants to advise on the process set-up, technical integration with your HRIS, and relevant talent metrics.



icon recruitment


Predict success in the role.


You want to:

  • Confirm the selection decisions quickly to secure top hires.
  • Provide a final stage experience to enthuse your chosen finalists.
  • Understand who is going to fit into the team and company.
  • Ensure standardized hiring competency-based interviews.

Aon’s Assessment Solutions provides:

  • Competency-based interview guides ensuring consistency.
  • Paperless assessment centers to support the digital experience.
  • Experienced consultants and assessors to augment your expertise.




Prelude™ - Meet and Greet the Right Way

Prelude™ is the platform that gives your candidates a captivating experience during the hiring process. By using scientifically-proven assessments and engaging simulations, Prelude ensures you select the right people who have a clear understanding of what it means to work at your company.

Prelude™ is award-winning!

Aon (Prelude™ platform) & Anheuser Busch won the 2018 IPAC Innovations in Assessment Award, giving credit to the ‘Redesign and Validation of a Custom Selection System for Anheuser-Busch Supply and Logistics’. Achievements: considerable return-on-investment; streamlined selection process; reduced testing costs by 29%.


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