Future-Proof Your Organization

Understanding what it takes to be a great leader has always been challenging — and it’s getting even harder. The fast-moving digital environment requires the leaders of tomorrow to both possess traditional leadership behaviors and embrace the opportunities that digital and technological advancements offer.

Aon’s assessment solutions provides you with a way to measure your team’s ability to learn, adapt to changes in their environment and seek out new skills and experiences at work.  

Develop Your Employees

Which skills and competencies are needed to meet your future challenges? Our team of business psychologists can help you design and implement a talent development plan that can keep pace.

●    Benchmark capabilities to give actionable feedback and activate employee growth.
  • ●   Identify your high potential employees and future leaders.
  • ●   Encourage your people to take ownership and drive their development through career navigator solutions.
  • ●   Invest in those who are likely to perform and stay.
  • ●   Be inclusive and give everyone growth opportunities.
  • ●   Foster a culture of learning and development.

Retain Key Performers

●    Enable all team members to realize their own potential with transparent criteria and career paths
  • ●    Know who is going to stay longer, be engaged and perform better.
  • ●    Identify early on who has potential to be a successful leader.

People Managers

Aon's model for people managers provides the structure to identify the best candidates for people management and prepares them for success in today’s most challenging environments.

●    Identify transferable skills. Spot those with the potential to learn and with the right skills to engage teams.
  • ●    Reduce recruiter interview time. Screen out unsuitable candidates and reduce time-to-hire.
  • ●    Pinpoint those likely to succeed. Compare candidates to the success profile of the people manager role.
  • ●    Focus on the skills that need development most.
  • ●    Upskill hybrid managers to better lead remote and dispersed teams.
  • ●    Develop and refine the right behaviors to build a stronger team by fostering well-being and promoting inclusiveness.
  • ●    Address common skills gaps by enabling people managers to practice having difficult conversations.


Talent assessment has long played an important role in evaluating leadership potential. However, it also needs to evolve with new leadership requirements incorporating emerging skills.

Future-Oriented Profile Mapping
The individual’s profile is mapped against a future leader’s model. A traditional leadership model, however well it has served in the past, may be outdated and unlikely to remain adequate in the future.
A Holistic Assessment
All the relevant, future-facing aspects of personality, motivation, behavior and ability are explored during the assessment.
Backed by Science
The assessment is based on extensive research and science. This ensures the assessment is defensible, relevant and secures business buy-in.  
A Roadmap for Future Development
The assessment provides you and your future leaders with an accurate and insightful summary of strengths and guidance for future development.

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