Encouraging Upskilling, Reskilling and Lateral Career Movement

The career development of the future looks more like a rock-climbing wall than a ladder or path.

Why let your top talent leave for better positions with your competition when they can progress within your organization? By offering your employees a wide selection of areas to explore, they can find their way toward their own version of career success. And you’ll gain a better understanding of your talent pool, including both gaps and untapped potential.

Aon’s talent mobility solutions revolutionize how employees understand possible career paths and progression within an organization.

Aon's talent mobility platform

Pathfinder drives internal talent mobility. It assesses employees' experience, motives, work-related behaviour, cognitive ability and how new skills are learned. This generates a report with actionable development tips for employees.

As Pathfinder is a modular solution, it can be customized according to your needs.
Mobile Screen showing candidate's internal mobility journey

Plan with confidence

How well do you know your workforce's strenghts? Create new opportunities for growth by assessing your employeees experience, motives and work-related behaviour, as well as their cognitive abilities. Robust assessments ensure reliability in the results, which can be analyzed for valuable insights for talent audits and workforce planning.

Screenshot Pathfinder Explorer - discovering talent gaps and identify career paths

Unlock meaningful insights

Encourage the exploration of potential career paths through an intuitive, mobile-optimized interface. Our modular solution can be customized according to your specific needs, and employees receive a feedback report with actionable development tips.
Enhance your talent development and succession planning while highlighting areas of untapped potential across the organization. What are you strong at as an organization? Are there any talent gaps now or potential talent gaps in the future?


How to optimize your internal talent strategy



Steps to Enable Internal Talent Mobility with Pathfinder

Assess Individual's Skills and Competencies
Deploy psychometrically-valid, objective assessments to identify the work-related strengths of your top talent.

Showcase Jobs and Customized Career Paths
Analyze skill sets and attributes of your high-achieving employees that align with roles across the organization.

Recommend perfect People-Position Matches
Pinpoint development areas and actions that employees can take to level up their careers.

Features of Aon's Pathfinder Platform

  • Psychometrically-valid, objective assessments
  • Customizable for your organization
  • Seamless integration into your workflow
  • Mobile-first user interface
  • Data provides insights for future workforce planning
  • Report includes actionable development tips

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