Predictive Talent Analytics to Make Data-Driven Talent Decisions

Underpin your talent strategy with data-driven decisions to help you hire those who will stay longer, perform better and be more engaged. 

Prove Assessment Works

Set up in-house research to determine business impact of assessment.  

Psychometric Expertise 

Partner with Aon and draw on psychometric and talent analytics know-how. 

Make Data-Driven Decisions 

Inform hiring decisions with robust, reliable and predictive data.


Aon's Talent Analytics Can Help You:

Be clear what leads to success

Aon knows how to make data-driven talent decisions. A talent strategy underpinned by data-driven decisions allows companies to recruit individuals who will stay longer, perform better and be more engaged: key factors leading to higher customer satisfaction and stronger business performance.


Use predictive analytics to inform your talent strategy

We help clients hire for potential and develop for success. Predictive analytics is about looking into the future and future-proofing today's talent measures. Key outcomes can include a validated assessment model, a validated development model and an organisational analysis or heat map.

The outcomes inform your talent strategy, making it more impactful as you recruit against what really matters, develop what is critical for the future and are able to retain the best. Success in these areas means real value creation.


Turn your big data into smart talent data

Every company has large datasets which can help them to understand their talent, predict likely behaviour and make better selection decisions. However, relatively few organizations achieve these benefits.

Regardless of what your organization actually does, smart talent data can provide insights that will benefit your business. The secret is to recognize the potential that data provides and to ensure that you ask the right questions and draw correct conclusions. Our experts love talent data and are excited to help.

Features of Aon's Talent Analytics Support for Clients

  • Global analytics team with business and I/O psychologists
  • Massive talent databases to benchmark against
  • Results presented optimally for business decision makers
  • Deep experience in conducting business impact studies
  • Data integration expertise
  • Proven ROI on our analytics references


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