Client: Vodafone

Solutions: Trainee and Apprentice Selection; Graduate Selection; Efficient 360 degree feedback; Better selection decisions; Specifying job requirements; Effective pre-selection

Project Details:

in Ireland: Assessment for suitability for specialized roles in Sales / IT / Customer Service

in Romania: Yearly over 1500 candidates are tested with a bespoke test battery, measuring 'customer obsession' and other critical performance predictors.

in the UK: Large volume assessement for retail advisors, management, head office teams, call center agents and team leaders. several custom SJQs, custom reporting, internal assessment questionnaires, paperless assessment centers, helping young people find a career path and assessing their digital skills and suitability for jobs

Special Services: SJT-chatAssess; enAC; 360 Feedback; SJQ

Industry: Technology & Telecommunications

Client in: Ireland; Romania; Spain; UK