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What is REPeValuator?

REPeValuator is a customer contact center simulation backed by decades of data to identify top talent for customer care center representative roles.

REPeValuator is an online selection, certification and training solution that can accurately fill sales and service positions. REPeValuator includes 4 rich simulated customer interactions: Two chat-based and two voice. To properly assess keyboarding skills, it is completed via computer.

What is the task?

The test taker is presented with a job simulation such as a simulated chat or phone call with customers and communicates via the REPeValuator screen. The test taker should address customer queries and solve their problems by choosing the best response from the four alternatives provided.

The REPeValuator screen has 4 main sections where the test taker enters relevant information:

  • the customer information section
  • the customer account record section
  • the notification section
  • the response options section

REPeValuator researches information on needed skills and the customer's needs to generate the response options. After filling in the relevant information and choosing the right response options the test taker is asked to summarize the call.


When can it be used?

REPeValuator is best suited for the recruitment of representatives working in customer contact centres such as call centres.


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Test time: 30-40 minutes

Target Groups

  • Sales Representatives

Available Languages

  • English

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