scales mt (sonic) - Multi-tasking Capability

cut-e ability test multi-tasking capability for flight crew

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What does this assessment measure?

Ability to multi-task

What is the task?

The test taker is presented with three different tasks and is required to work through these simultaneously. These tasks include hand-eye coordination, focused calculation and focused checking. The special characteristic of this test is the audio task: A sound sequence is played, which includes five randomly chosen letters of the phonetic alphabet. The task is to identify whether a letter is played twice during the sequence. Immediate feedback is given regarding their answer.

Owing to the task which includes the sound sequence, scales mt (sonic) requires a controlled and standardised setting. Consequently, the test must be carried out in a controlled setting (for example Onsite-AC) and furthermore on a Desktop PC.


When can it be used?

This test is specifically tailored to the requirements of pilot assessment. In order to achieve a high job-relatedness for the candidates, the special characteristic of scales mt (sonic) is based on the sub-task ‘checking’.


Test time: 5 minutes
Duration including instructions: 7 minutes

Target Groups

  • (Post-) Graduates
  • Entry Level - commercial
  • Entry Level - technical
  • First-line Managers
  • Individual Contributors – commercial
  • Individual Contributors – technical
  • Middle Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Sales Representatives
  • School Leavers (vocational) – commercial
  • School Leavers (vocational) – technical
  • Service Staff – commercial
  • Service Staff – technical
  • Specialists / Experts – commercial
  • Specialists / Experts – technical
  • Undergraduates

Available Languages

  • English
  • German

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