Real-World Case Jurys Inn

cut-e, now part of Aon's Assessment solutions, supported Jurys Inn to reduce the 40,000+ applications to be reviewed each year by around 62% by focussing only on those candidates with the values that fit with the organization.

“Managers are now spending less time screening and interviewing, and the time that they do spend is only with the best-quality candidates.”
Sam Shepherd, Head of HR at Jurys Inn

Want to Increase the Efficiency of Your Pre-Selection?

Aon helps you save costs and raise the quality of your recruits

  • All instruments can be integrated in your selection process and your online recruitment system. If required, we can provide you with a complete online recruitment system

Volume Recruitment and High-Volume Recruitment

Volume recruitment is typically undertaken when large numbers of customer-facing sales, service and support roles need to be filled. Frontline roles of this nature are critical for business success, as these individuals will personify your brand for customers.

A distinction in scale is often made between traditional volume recruitment where an organization is aiming to take on around 200 staff and high-volume recruitment which can involve recruiting over 20,000 candidates worldwide.

Five Key Challenges in Volume Recruitment

From our experience most volume recruiters face one or more challenges from the list below in their volume and high-volume recruitment processes:

  1. Consistently recruit good people who meet the requirements of the role and fit the values of your organization.
  2. Make your recruitment process highly efficient.
  3. Create an extraordinary candidate experience.
  4. Think mobile-first’ to be accessible to your candidates.
  5. Your selection process has to be acceptable to the business.

Does that sound familiar?

Volume Recruitment to Cover Bulk Recruitment Needs

Volume recruitment can also be undertaken to cover bulk recruitment needs or hiring spikes caused, for example, by:

  • Seasonal surges - Employers such as retailers, hotels and hospitality companies, theme parks, leisure centers and travel & tourism organizations will often undertake seasonal recruitment, usually of temporary or part-time staff, to cover busy periods.
  • Business development needs - Some employers such as call centers, marketing groups and research agencies will ramp-up their staffing levels when they win a significant new contract. Or, in the case of pharmaceutical companies, when new product lines are created.
  • Expansion - When companies open an office or a shared service center in a new country - or in a new location - they may recruit large volumes of new staff in permanent roles.

When faced with the avalanche of applications that stems from a high volume of candidates, recruiters have to somehow select the right people - and screen out the wrong applicants. Maintaining this consistent level of quality across your employee base, when you’re recruiting in volume, is a considerable challenge.

The ‘secret’ lies in finding the optimum person-job match - and being able to predict which candidates will be successful in the role.

Efficient Pre-Selection

How to preselect the right candidates early in the recruitment process?

Aon helps you save costs through efficient pre-selection of applicants

  • If you have a high number of applicants but you only can hire a few, then you need reliable information in order to separate the wheat from the chaff early in the process. cut-e provides reliable tests for e.g. pre-selection of apprentices, trainees and sales persons.
  • All instruments can be integrated in your selection process and your online recruitment system. If required, we can provide you with a complete online recruitment system.

Slashing Costs in Volume Recruitment

Anton Knopff explains how the use of cut-e, now an Aon company, custom-built SJQs enabled Parks and Resorts to cut out costs and gain process efficiencies whilst attracting and winning candidates with a better fit.

"We truly know that the candidates who were getting through the SJQ and then the audition are ready for work life at Parks and Resorts."

Clients Who Trust in cut-e for Volume Recruitment

White Paper: Make Better Talent Decisions through Intelligent Data

A talent strategy underpinned by data-driven decisions allows companies to recruit individuals who will stay longer, perform better and will be more engaged: key factors leading to higher customer satisfaction and stronger business performance.

This paper explains how to convert your employee-related 'big data' into 'smart talent data'.

Saving Time-to-Hire, Increasing Sales Numbers

Luxottica/Sunglass Hut managed to reduce the time-to-hire by over 40%, while increasing their sales per hour ratio by 12.5%

“Introducing the cut-e assessments into the retail associate application has given us a way to identify the best applicants and to then appoint them quicker, saving time resource but also ensuring our retail outlets are fully staffed sooner.”
Mr Scott Schroeder, Director for Talent Acquisition at Luxottica Retail Australia

Seasonal Recruitment

Additional staff needs to be recruited each year in the run-up to Christmas to cope with the increased seasonal demand in high street shops, department stores supermarkets and hotels. David Barrett, COO from cut-e, part of Aon's Assessment Solutions, explains how to make sure you’ll recruit the right people.

White Paper Volume Recruitment: Panning For Gold

How a ‘mobile-first’ selection strategy can help you identify and engage the right candidates in volume and high-volume recruitment. Including The ‘golden rules’ of volume and high-volume recruitment: The ultimate 14-step action plan to help you achieve best practice.

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