Drive Results: Find and Keep the Best People

Aon has deep expertise in helping organizations improve their call center employee's performance metrics. We understand the impact the right people have and how to identify what drives success. Aon can help you:

Best-fit Applicants

Showcase the role so applicants understand the job. Define precisely what is needed and design assessment with a match or fit score.


Stronger-fit candidates understand the job and stay longer. Realize business benefits by improving tenure and reducing turnover.

Save Time
and Resources

Focus on the best-fit applicants. Speed up talent decisions and time-to-offer. Reduce costs and optimize resources.


How We Can Help

Pinpoint what is critical for success

When you know the blend of characteristics that lead to success in your specific business, hiring and development become so much simpler.

We work with you to create your specific Success Profile.
Step 1: Identify your current high performers and ask them to complete behavioral and personality assessments.
Step 2: Analyze the profile in relation to their KPIs to calculate the significant personality indicators.
The result is your role's Success Profile.


Hire successful customer service agents who match the job's needs

The most common reason people leave a contact center role is a poor person-job match.

However, you can predict how well an applicant fits with your specific job role.

We help you define scientifically what makes for success, based on your current high performers. Following this, we then build a hiring process to assess for success characteristics.


Hiring correctly for your front line

In today's market, competition is fierce. To stay in the game, companies must shift their focus from customer satisfaction to building loyalty and hiring the best Customer Care Representatives for their front line.

REPeValuator is the only online selection, certification and training solution that can accurately fill your sales and service positions.

Measurable Outcomes Realized for Our Clients


increase in tenure resulting in more revenue

better job performance predicted from
high test-scorers
(Global Telco Brand)

more revenue from identified high performers  (localsearch)

euro saved by reducing
agent attrition by 12% (Transcom)

Assessment Solutions for Call Center Hiring

  • Fairness for all: no adverse impact
  • Seamless integration
  • Great candidate experience
  • Gamified and mobile-first assessments
  • High completion rates
  • Highly valid and robust products
  • Experienced psychologist consultants
  • Available in multiple languages


Connect with us about how we can power your talent strategy.

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assessments deployed
each year

languages available in our product range

colleagues with
assessment expertise

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