Control People Risk With Behavioral Assessments

People are your organization’s greatest asset and its most volatile. Understanding how people are likely to behave helps you make better quality hiring, promotion and development decisions.

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Find the Best-Fit Talent

Spot who will thrive in both the role and your organizational culture based on behavioral traits you can tailor to your business needs. Aon's questionnaires can be used early in the selection process to sift out unsuitable applicants. In final-stage hiring, the assessments come with an interview guide to probe risk areas and assist with the decision.
A better understanding of motivation and values gives you the insights to make fair and data-driven decisions on hiring and promotions.

Link Behaviors to Performance

Empower high performers to gain self-insight and pinpoint areas for development. Best-fit employees are motivated to contribute to your organization’s success. Our integrity assessments can evaluate how well people can handle sensitive data and other property. We can also test for creativity to help your team continue to innovate.

Predict Future Success

Know who has the motivation, values and characteristics to succeed at your organization. Aon’s assessments can evaluate ethical behavior, such as loyalty, honesty, integrity and commitment. They can predict counterproductive work behavior and help avoid financial loss, sabotage or damage to employer brand.
Behavioral assessments provide you with strong decision-making criteria for hiring and promotion. Coupled with our other assessments, they can accelerate your talent strategy with more accountability and less risk.

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