Make better talent selection and development decisions

Aon's talent assessments provide clients with powerful tools and insights at every stage of the employee lifecycle. We help organizations to define, align and transform their people strategies. Each year we administer more than 30 million assessments in over 40 languages across 90 countries.


Ability and Skills Assessments

Find best-fit talent, engage diverse applicants and predict future success.

Behavioral Assessments

Measure the personality dimensions vital to consistent performance with work-related assessments.


Coding Assessments

Capture job-relevant data on each candidate’s coding skills and abilities.

Gamified Assessments

Achieve greater engagement and higher completion rate with gamified assessments. Differentiate your hiring process from the hiring competition.

Job Simulations

Predict on-the-job performance. Get an insight into candidate potential to make better selection decisions with situational judgment tests.

Video Interviewing

Shrink time to hire, diversify your talent pool, and enhance your brand with our video assessment platform.

Virtual Assessment Centers

Assess talent anytime and anywhere. Generate the data you need to make better talent decisions.  

Remote Proctoring

Preserve the integrity of your assessment process.