Innovation: The Key to Organizational Success  

Whether improving business processes, reinventing products or services or conquering new markets: organizations require creative people who can not only generate ideas but also realize and then promote them. Aon helps you: 


 Know which employees have what it takes to future-proof your organization


Find out-of-the-box thinkers
for business innovation and success


Assess with Aon's fun, valid and AI-augmented online creativity test


How We Can Help

Future-proofing with innovation

Your people know your business. However, is that sufficient to compete in a changing landscape? Many organizations are exploring possible scenarios in order to be equipped for the future. 

Who are the right people in your organization to imagine likely future scenarios to understand what the key opportunities and imperatives are? Aon helps you identify your creative and innovative talent.


Create a talent pool of innovators 

  • Future-proof your business by ensuring out-of-the-box and boundary-pushing individuals are part of business strategy teams. Identify who is able to innovate and bring these individuals into business-relevant projects. 
Step by step: 
  • 1. Define what innovation looks like in your firm
  • 2. Profile the personality, characteristics and abilities required
  • 3. Introduce the Innovation Suite – to assess creativity and innovation
  • 4. Create a talent pool of innovators


Measuring innovation and creativity

Logical reasoning and behavioral measures are combined with creativity assessment in Aon's Innovation Suite to rate someone's potential to innovate. 

Aon has created the first online, valid, reliable and objective test of a person's creativity. Assessing creativity online and unsupervised is now possible.  

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Assessment Solutions to Assess Innovation

  • Aon's Innovation Assessment Suite
  • AI-augmented 'Google-Inside' solution
  • High acceptance amongst applicants
  • Mobile-first assessments
  • Customizable to your brand
  • Highly valid and robust products
  • Available in multiple languages


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