Drive Your Business With the Right Talent Decisions

Aon has a proven track record with leading financial services firms, working with companies to realize sales, growth or reorganization strategies through their people. Aon’s Assessment Solutions helps you:

Strong New Talent

Engage with applicants who may not be in your traditional talent pool.

Sales Performance

Understand who will be your highest performing salespeople.

Your Organization

Benchmark and develop essential behaviors in your leaders.


How We Can Help

Save time and money with a more efficient selection process

Streamline your selection processes to highlight and engage with the best talent for your business.

Our consultancy services and our range of leading-edge, robust and proven psychometric assessments help our clients transform their screening, hiring and development processes.


Our assessments help you stand out from the crowd

Aon's gamified assessments help you attract a more diverse candidate pool and provide a great candidate experience. Highly valid, Aon's assessments provide solid and robust results you can trust.


Predict performance 

We work with you to identify the criteria, behaviors, competencies and skills most relevant to your KPIs.

With robust and face-valid assessments, we develop job-relevant success profiles to recruit against.

Measurable Outcomes for Our Clients

A great talent strategy secures the right people with the right profile for the financial services industry.

Profit Generated

from top contributors who can be identified at hiring
(Credit Suisse)

Sales Targets

identified by a good competency match 
(Secure Payment Provider)

Candidate Feedback

Aon’s gamified assessment described as 'market leading'

Assessment Solutions for Financial Services Firms

  • Finance-specific assessments
  • Demonstrable business impact
  • High completion rates
  • Mobile-first assessments
  • Customizable to your brand
  • Highly valid and robust products
  • Extensive industry experience and proven track record
  • Tests in multiple languages and global support


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