Outstanding Graduate Assessment

Aon supports organizations developing and refining graduate recruitment strategies. Secure the right talent today for tomorrow’s challenges. First-rate graduate assessment helps you:

Great Talent

Build a hiring process to attract talent who will succeed in the role and in your organization.

With Candidates

Connect quickly, offer assessments relevant for both sides and outshine the competition.

Employer Brand

Support your employer image by creating a positive experience - whatever the outcome.


Graduate Recruitment Step by Step

1. Be crystal clear about what graduate talent means to your organization

What are the personality dimensions and aptitude levels you need. Develop a success profile to guide your recruitment strategy.


2. Design a differentiating and innovative hiring process

The right assessments in the right order in the selection process drive down costs and time investment – for you and your applicants. Aon provides engaging products with just the right amount of fun.


3. Embrace diversity

Basing selection decisions solely on job-relevant criteria allows organizations to be truly inclusive.

Robust and transparent psychometric assessments reduce the risk of court cases.

Measurable Outcomes of Outstanding Graduate Recruitment

Effective graduate recruitment saves time and money and secures the right people with the right ability, personality, motivation and organizational fit.


of selection process by applicants

Candidate Feedback

Aon’s gamified assessment
described as 'market leading'

Increase in
Minority Applicants

More applications from minority groups
(BAE Systems)

Aon's Graduate Assessments

  • Fair and unbiased selection
  • Seamless integration
  • Great candidate experience
  • Gamified and mobile-first assessments
  • High completion rates
  • Highly valid and robust products
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Experienced I/O psychologist advisory

Challenges for Recruiters 



Connect with us about how we can power your talent strategy.

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