Recruiting Drivers and Machine Operators and Reducing the Risk Of Accidents

The statistics confirm: driving a truck, a bus or other vehicles and operating machines are challenging jobs. Inattentiveness, fatigue, drink-driving, stress and aggression can easily cause serious or fatal injuries. Reducing the risk of accidents by truckers, bus drivers, other commercial drivers and machine operators is of great benefit. It can save drivers', operators' and and passengers' lives and also save unnecessary costs by reducing accidents and protecting expensive vehicles and machinery. Aon helps organizations:

Reduce Accidents
and Save Money

Hire those less prone to accidents and save costs from avoidable accidents.

Safe Behavior

Find out which applicants are more safety conscious and demonstrate the right behaviors.

Risk on Shifts

Test pre-shift to make sure employees are fit to start a shift and safe to work.

Specific tests designed for commercial drivers and machine operators

Capturing drivers' and machine operators key abilites

With the Aon Drivers Suite, it is possible to identify and recruit those with the abilities and personality traits that enable them to be attentive, safe and efficient drivers and machine operators. Pre-shift testing ensures that your staff members are fit to start their shift and are not suffering from overfatigue, intoxication or other temporary effects.

Aon offers engaging assessments that provide reliable hiring information. Our assessments measure job-essential competencies, such as vigilance, multitasking and information-processing abilities.


Commercial Drivers and other target groups

Aon has developed an assessment suite for drivers and machine operators to specifically capture the level of key abilities especially for the following target groups:

  • Rideshare Drivers
  • Emergency Service Drivers
  • Chauffeurs
  • Forklift operators
  • Industrial workers and other machine operators
    • Truck drivers and Lorry drivers
    • Bus drivers
    • Delivery drivers
    • Train drivers
    • Couriers


Case Study: How can the Safety of Commercial Drivers be Predicted

The Challenge

In a company with around 270 drivers, the number of driver accidents had become an issue. All the drivers had been recruited using quite typical hiring activities such as application forms and an interview – but no talent assessment.

Our Approach

The drivers suite was administered to 144 drivers in the organization. The scores were then analyzed alongside each individual’s accident record. A ‘safety score’ was created from the assessments, a combination of scores on personality dimensions and 2 ability tests scores measuring sense of direction and multi-tasking.

Client Impact

The assessments were a good indicator of accident probability:

  • 71% with a low safety score had been involved in an accident.
  • 38% with an average safety score had been involved in an accident.
  • Only 15% of those with a high safety score had been involved in an accident.


What Is Measured in Detail?

This test battery assesses the abilities that predict safe driving behavior. The five tests in the Drivers Suite measure the following:

Sales Compensation | Sales Compensation Benchmarking

Competencies measured

  • Concentration
  • Reaction speed and attention
  • Ability to multitask
  • Spatial orientation
  • Observation and memory

Sales Compensation | Sales Compensation Benchmarking

Two Areas for the Overall Score

Conceptionally, there are two areas that form an overall score:

Vigilance = concentration, reaction speed and attention
Information processing = Ability to multitask, spatial orientation, observation and memory

Sales Compensation Benchmarking | Incentive Plan Assessments

Relevant Dispositions

In addition, the following relevant dispositions can be measured using Aon's integrity questionnaire:

  • Impulse control
  • Ethical awareness
  • Trustworthiness


Optimize hiring decisions with a 'safety score'

  • The 'safety report', based on a behavioral assessment, shows how safe, compliant and cautious a candidate is. The report can be used during the selection process to inform hiring decisions. The short assessment can also be deployed regularly before the start of a shift to keep people and property safe.


Measureable Outcomes for Our Clients


percentage point increase in simulator pass rates
(Aon White Paper)

increase in pass rate
for bus driver test

in hiring process

What does Aon's Assessment Solutions provide you with?

  • Fairness for all: no adverse impact
  • Assessments are highly relevant to test takers
  • Smartphone-optimized assessments
  • Highly valid and robust products
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Industry experience and references

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