What Situational Judgment Tests Can Do for You

Situations matter, we know that. Yet, in some situations, even highly-talented people make wrong decisions. Designing a good evaluator of Situational Judgment requires expertise, experience and specialist input. Aon can help.

Job Insights 

Applicants experience the job's daily challenges. Both parties know what to expect. 

Relevant Behavior

 Role-specific simulations provide insight into future applicant behavior. 


Reactions to real-life scenarios provide valid data to rate, rank and hire applicants.


Situational Judgment Solutions by Aon

chatAssess - Aon's answer to Situational Judgment

chatAssess uses the instant messaging style of WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger to assess a candidate’s strengths, personality characteristics and abilities based on job-related scenarios. 

This compact assessment is designed for both the early screening and attraction stages of graduate and apprentice recruitment.


chatAssess User Experience

Applicants prefer chatAssess

Situational Judgment by Aon, in the chatAssess format, feels real to candidates and is engaging and natural to complete. chatAssess is tailored to your organization, for any role, using company-specific situations and competencies.

chatAssess reflects your corporate brand, work culture and daily challenges - a great way to win hearts.


chatAssess by Aon completion rates

We ensure a smooth design process of your valid Situational Judgment Test

We combine psychometric know-how and our unique scoring method with input from your subject matter experts to create real-life situations and plausible answer options.

We always trial a prototype version to eliminate any challenges prior to roll-out. The result is a highly valid and accepted assessment with a proven return on investment.

Additional Benefits of Aon's Situational Judgment Tests

  • High completion rates
  • Positive feedback from applicants
  • Customizable to your brand and role
  • No adverse impact
  • Highly valid SJTs with business impact
  • Integratable with your HRIS
  • Designed specifically for smartphones


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