Identify and Win Best-Fit Apprentices

Attract and Win
the Best Applicants

Assess to identify the best applicants quickly and provide an engaging process.

Career Orientation

Inform and help trainees make the right career choice.

Improve Training Program Success

Identify who has what it takes to  successfully complete your program.


How We Can Help

Identify the best potential for your organization

Aptitude tests are the biggest single predictor for long-term career success. This applicant group usually has no track record and aptitude tests are a reliable indicator of someone's potential. Aptitude tests are low investment and provide great value for the decision-making process. Aon has over 70 different ability tests which can be combined to tailor role-specific assessments.


Support workforce diversity with apprenticeships

Apprenticeship programs can help develop a more diverse workforce and bring talent ealier into the business. We understand how to attract, assess and develop apprentices.

Make young people of all talents and backgrounds aware of the opportunities - by focusing solely on what is required for the job.


Showcase available opportunities

When there are many courses or programs to choose from, let us help you support your applicants in making the decision based on their own skills, values, motivations and preferences.

Once they are mapped onto your programs, candidates can be signposted to good-fit courses.

Measurable Outcomes of Our Apprentice and Trainee Assessments

Effective assessment saves time and money and secures the right people with the right ability, personality, motivation and organizational fit. Here are some examples of what we have achieved with our clients:

successful completion rate of apprenticeship program

of applicants screened out based on business-fit 
(Jurys Inn)

reduction in interviews needed

increase in female applicants
(BAE Systems)

What does Aon's Assessment Solutions offer?

  • Fairness for all: no adverse impact
  • Seamless integration
  • Great candidate experience
  • Gamified and mobile-first assessments
  • High completion rates
  • Highly valid and robust products
  • Experienced psychologist consultants
  • Available in multiple languages


Connect with us about how we can power your talent strategy.

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assessments deployed
each year

languages available in our product range

colleagues with
assessment expertise

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