Video-Based Assessments: allowing remote interviews and making hiring more efficient

Digital interviews have revolutionized the recruitment process. vidAssess was designed specifically for use across cell phones, mobiles, laptops, tablets and PCs. This video interview tool is intuitive and easy to use and simple to set up. Define the questions or select from more than 600 interview questions available. Ask your applicants to record and upload responses. You decide what they do, and your candidates have the freedom to decide when to do it.

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Employer Branding

Fully branded and reflecting your employer value proposition. Differentiate yourself from the hiring competition.

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Conducting and rating video interviews is quick and easy. No more scheduling. Saving candidates and recruiters time.

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Hire the
Best Candidates

Standardized video interviews rated against relevant competencies ensure best fit for the role.


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Creating a diverse talent pool

A diverse workforce is created by blending skills, knowledge, experience, language and approaches and is a tangible value for any organization. Focusing on job-relevant criteria in the entire recruitment process can help to eliminate human bias.



Watch Video: Interview Scoring

Virtual Interviews taken to the next level: vidAssess-AI scans the words spoken by interviewees in their responses and then codes or scores them in each competency area. We focus on speech to text only and use a natural language-processing artificial intelligence. Thereby we eliminate human bias and ensure a legally-defendable, fair and transparent process.




How vidAssess-AI helps you find best-fit candidates for a role

Icon Digital Interview Quick Set Up

Quick to set up and administer
Choose the competencies to interview for, using our standard model, or your own, with job analysis carried out by experts.

Icon Digital Interview Candidate

Fair to candidates and decision-makers
Select from over 600 interview questions or use your own. Our client-independent AI model is enabled and linked with our award-winning validated personality model. The in-line ATS integration is globally accessible in a range of languages.

Icon Digital Interview Candidate Experience

Delivering a great candidate experience
Candidates take the video assessments on their preferred device, using our simple and intuitive interface.

Icon Digital Interview Clear Approach

Trusted science and clear approach
Option to connect Net Promoter Score assessments, or to send candidate feedback reports, branded to reflect your company. Transcribed text from video interview is scored, showing both positive and negative indicators.

Icon Digital Interview Efficiency

Savings through resource efficencies
Quality interview videos are made available. All processes score in seconds, allowing the recruiter to override the scores based on further information.

Icon Digital Interview Talent Choice

Making clear talent choices
Report is generated using our expertly trained algorithm showing scores per competency. Scores used to make clear talent choices quickly with a defensible glass box approach.


Future-Proof Video Interviewing Tool

vidAssess provides a mobile-enabled and psychometrically-integrated experience. It provides a fully-branded candidate experience with custom introductory videos and your own introduction. Use your corporate logo, colors and words. Choose how you reflect your employer value proposition and include specific questions. You decide the timings and format – and whether preparation or re-recording is offered. vidAssess makes it easy to conduct remote interviews backed by a robust psychometric model. Make vidAssess your own.
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A validated pool of questions ensures a consistent set-up. vidAssess can also be implemented to reflect your employer branding.

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Saves Resources

AI filters out poor-fit candidates. Both time and money are freed up, as you will identify candidates faster and ensure an even better person/job fit.

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Fair to Candidates

Give candidates the best experience. Ensure an unbiased assessment with competency-mapped transcripts.

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Trusted Methods

Aon's unique glass-box approach equips your talent strategy with explainable AI. It is legally defensible and validated.

Watch Video: vidAssess-AI

Explore the next generation of interviewing technology. Supported by Aon’s HR expertise and advanced psychometrics, vidAssess-AI effectively filters out unsuitable candidates. Organizations benefit from reliable and accurate hiring insights, bringing in quality talent at a reduced time-to-hire. vidAssess-AI rates candidates more quickly, consistently and reliably. It ensures transparency and legal defensibility through explainable AI.

Video Assessment Award

Aon's Award-Winning Video Assessment

Aon has won the 2019 APS Workplace Excellence Awards in the category of Emerging Directions in Organizational Psychology. The awards recognize organizational psychologists and organizations for their efforts in supporting employee health and psychological well-being, while enhancing organizational performance.


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