until Video Interviewing Changes Forever

A step change in video interviewing is taking place – and AI scoring is an essential component. It increases efficiencies and reduces bias. Be one of the first to see our ground-breaking, AI-driven video assessment scoring system and participate in the global product launch of vidAssess-AI on July 8th, 2019.

Business Impacts of Using vidAssess

Video Interviewing has revolutionized the interview process. Now augmented with AI to ensure maximum benefits. 

Employer Branding

Fully branded and reflecting your employer value proposition. Differentiate yourself from the hiring competition.


Conducting and rating video interviews is quick and easy. No more scheduling. Saving candidates' and recruiters' time.

Hire the
Best Candidates

Standardized video interviews rated against relevant competencies ensure best fit for the role.


Additional Benefits of vidAssess

vidAssess combines traditional video interviewing with AI to ensure transparent and unbiased results. 

Structured and Consistent Interviews

Transparent, standardized, job-related assessments ensuring legally defensible decisions.

with any ATS

Easy integration with any ATS / HRIS to create a seamless process for recruiters and candidates.

Simple for

Interviews are prepared and recorded at any time from any device, increasing interview completion rates.

Video Assessment Solutions by Aon

Mobile Optimized and Intuitive

vidAssess was designed specifically for use across mobiles, laptops, tablets and PCs. It’s intuitive, easy-to-use and easy to set up. Load your branding, write your customized text, define the questions and ask your applicants to record and upload responses.

You decide what they do, and they decide when to do it.


Immersive Branding and Fully Customizable

Provide a fully branded candidate-experience with custom introductory videos and your own introduction. Use your corporate logo, colors and words. Choose how you reflect your employer value proposition and include your specific questions.

You decide the timings and the format – and whether preparation or re-recording is offered. Make vidAssess your own.



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