How Virtual Assessment Solutions Help during Disruptive Times

Local and global decisions in relation to COVID-19 are disrupting business. All big employers have cancelled in-person interviews and strictly limited and even banned employee travel. Since bringing together groups of employees cannot continue physically other solutions need to be found how best to interview and assess candidates. Now it becomes clear that recruitment processes need to be flexible and that digitally-ready solutions offer crucial advantages in times of crisis. Explore the impact of our virtual assessment solutions on your talent strategy.

Virtual Assessment Center

Assessment Centers

Online assessment including personality questionnaire and optional aptitude tests, remote interview solution and feedback session with custom report

Video Assessment


Easy-to-use and customizable video interviewing for a seamless candidate experience - a low-cost scalable way to provide rich insights about participants

Virtual Case Study

Case Studies

Fully branded and customizable solution for decentralised assessment. It requires candidates to understand, evaluate and analyse written information

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Our Virtual Solutions

Virtual assessment center

Virtualize your assessment centers

Case studies, role plays, behavioral and capability assessments can all be carried out remote and within a paperless environment. The logistics of scheduling, organizing, record-taking and reporting can  be managed through online systems and require less resources. This means you can still run a thorough and valuable assessment day, remotely, with limited resources and know that the exercises are secure and delivered at the right time.


Video Assessment Screenshot

Remote interviewing

Now is a great time to consider not just video interviews, but also video assessments. During video assessments, the recorded responses to your questions are first scored via an expert AI application. The scoring is entirely transparent, wholly defensible and fully explainable to candidates who require further information. Recruiters also have the option to verify and adjust scoring as needed. More about our video assessment solution.


Virtual Case Study

Virtual Case Studies

Introducing our virtual case study tool, which allows for the reliable, decentralized assessment of candidates using case study material. This assessment requires candidates to understand, evaluate and analyze written information.

Following the analysis, candidates will be required to record their answers to questions based upon the case study material presented, which will then be evaluated against set criteria.

Virtual case studies provide both time and cost efficiencies as they can be rated at a time that is convenient to the Talent Acquisition team.


Paperless Assessment

Award-winning online personality assessment

Aon's Adaptive Employee Personality Test (ADEPT-15®) is a scientifically-based online assessment designed to accurately uncover the unique aspects of an individual’s personality to help your organization hire, promote, and develop the very best talent that fits with your culture. ADEPT-15 is adaptive, short, cheat-resistant and highly valid. It provides rich insights about the candiate's personality and work-related behavior.

Our Online Assessment Solutions

  • Fully branded and customizable
  • Over 70 specific ability tests to choose from
  • Highly valid and robust products
  • High completion rates
  • All products available in multiple languages
  • Mobile-first assessments
  • Expertise in designing screening processes
  • Seamless applicant experience through integration

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