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Session #1

Proving the Business Impact of Talent Assessment

Talent assessment can impact different areas of business in a positive way. Explore in this session which metrics you can use to measure this impact and understand why it is useful for both small and large companies. Karoline Bergem, psychology consultant, is joined by Melissa Champine, global head of operations at Aon’s Assessment Solutions to outline the value talent assessment can bring to your business and explore the ROI of assessment.

Session #2

Securing Recruitment Success

Curious about a fundamental part of the recruitment process - the job analysis? Listen to Kasper Dehlendorff, psychology consultant who is joined by Marie Wendel, consultant from the global analytics team to discuss what a job analysis incorporates and why it shouldn’t be overlooked at all. This session also equips you with valuable input on how to conduct a job analysis.

Session #3

Recruiting for Diversity & Inclusion

Discrimination can take many forms. Therefore, raising awareness of it among an organization is important. Kasper Dehlendorff, psychology consultant is joined in this session by Nita Prabhu, associate consultant and psychologist to analyze what a culture of diversity and inclusion can look like. Discover how you can increase diversity and inclusion in recruitment and learn more about the benefits of AI when hiring for diversity and inclusion.

Session #4

Gamification in Recruitment

Is it all fun and games? Kasper Dehlendorff, psychology consultant is asking Alina Siemsen, product expert, whether we should gamify everything. This session provides an important insight into the different types of gamification in hiring and both the candidate and corporate perspective on this topic. Explore also how to not become preoccupied by the possibilities of game-based assessments.

Session #5

Get the Most Out of Video Interviewing with AI

AI-scored video interviews can enhance speed and validity of your assessment process. In this session, Karoline Bergem, psychology consultant talks to Oke Brandt, product development consultant about why AI is much more than a buzzword. Gain valuable insights on various aspects of AI and discover the difference between a glass box and a black box approach.

Session #6

How to Choose a Talent Assessment Provider

Choosing an assessment provider has become more challenging. Karoline Bergem, psychology consultant, discusses with Ernie Paskey, leader of the North American Region for Aon’s Assessment Solutions how to meet this challenge. Find out how to cut through the confusion and how to evaluate and select the best talent assessment vendor. Learn more about the three key areas to consider when selecting a suitable vendor that offers robust, efficient and effective assessments.

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