Unlocking The Power In Your People

The world is changing at a never-before seen pace. The pressure of profitability, customer satisfaction and growth are forcing organizations to reinvent existing standards. You need a partner you can trust. Aon helps organizations to future-proof talent strategies.  

The Future Of Work

 Understand the dynamic nature of jobs and align your future job architecture to your business strategy.

Digital Transformation  

Design a future-proof model of behavior, identify and hire digitally ready talent. Develop a work force ready to evolve.

Talent Data 

Enable talent teams to transform using predictive talent data to support business strategy.


A Partner You Can Trust: Transformation Step By Step

1. Design jobs of the future

We help organizations take the transformation plans to a concrete level of talent strategy. What will the jobs of the future look like and require in terms of behaviors, skills and competencies. Together we vision the future, define what is needed, recognize the gaps and talent sources, identify which transferable skills are needed and what it takes to lead through digital transformation.


2. Build a workable transition plan

Understanding the imperative to change is one thing. Knowing where you need to go is another. And then you still need to understand how ready and able is your work force to transition. To what extent do your people and teams have the curiosity, agility and learnability needed for seamless transitions? Reallocating digital talents and identifying transition pathways matching employees capabilities allow organizational agility. We work with companies to build transition plans between the now and the future state, whether that be transforming into a service organization; moving from manual to automated jobs; from a waterfall to an agile environment... our transformation team is ready to help.


3. Align assessment strategy to the new future

Once you know where you need to go, and have an idea of what is needed to get there, organizations need to align talent acquisition and development strategies with the business strategy. We help organizations to understand what are unique competencies, behaviors and skills needed. And then develop assessment strategies which ensure the right people at the right place and the right time. 


4. Drive and enable cultural change

Talent analytics, combining assessment, performance data and future state visions, can be used to close talent gaps.

Assessments embedded in the talent strategy help to support a culture of learning, curiosity and agility - prerequisites for any transformation, and maintaining the new culture.

Aon's Transformation Experts

  • Experience in helping organizations change
  • Predictive talent analytics experts
  • I/O psychologists 
  • Mobile-first, innovative, valid assessments
  • Insightful reports for individuals, teams, organizations
  • Global reach and presence


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