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What is LEADeR?

LEADeR is a virtual assessment center that measures a wide range of success factors and detailers by imitating key business challenges that, when handled well, lead to leadership success. Candidates perform realistic activities in a leadership role for a hypothetical organization.

What is the task?

The test taker is presented with tailored solutions such as computer adaptive reasoning, personality tests, multi-rater suveys, digital interviews, role-plays and automated writing assessments. These web-based simulations reflect realities of leadership in a variety of product and service industries.

The simulations are based on a library of content designed to measure the agility, ability, and aspiration that are essential to the assessment of high potential as well as focus on the specific leadership capabilities needed at various turns in the leadership pipeline.


When can it be used?

LEADeR assesses leadership capabilities including

  • Identifying individual contributors for selection into front-line leadership
  • Assessing high potential leaders to support accelerated development
  • Evaluating the adequacy of leadership capability for talent and succession planning
  • Selecting internal and external candidates at all leadership levels


Test time: 120-360 minutes

Target Groups

  • Executives
  • Middle Managers
  • Senior Managers

Available Languages

  • English

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