A Solid Basis For Your Talent Decisions

To find the best people for a job you have to know what competencies and behaviors are essential for success. Clear job definitions and job-relevant selection criteria are critical to getting the right person for the job. Aon helps organizations:  

Clearly Define 
Job Requirements

Objectively determine the competencies, skills and behaviors needed in the role.

the Process 

Specifiying job requirements made easy; job-specific assessments predict success.

Person/Job Fit

More reliable decisions and predicted success with validated match scores.


Aon Helps You Define Your Roles

Have confidence in your hiring 

Defining the job role systematically allows you to objectively evaluate applicants. Aon's methodical approach provides you with confidence in your decisions. Our experts work with you to provide a hassle-free and accurate experience, incorporating input from multiple stakeholders. The result: job-specific, weighted and valid match scores to simplify your decisions.


Support competency-based interviews

Interview questions and positive and negative behavioral indicators are generated based on Aon's behavioral assessment. They are supporting hiring managers conducting interviews on the key competencies for the role.

Features of Aon's Job Definition Tool

  • Validated competency model
  • Translates essential competencies into behaviors
  • Results per competency and overall job match score
  • Multiple stakeholder input easily included
  • Generates interview guide
  • Supports competency-based interviewing (CBI)
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Easy to use


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