Why Talent Assessment?

Talent Assessment helps you make solid selection decisions while  saving you time and money.



The Impact of Talent Assessment

Every organization striving to deliver the best service, products, sales or innovations requires an extraordinary workforce. You need to identify the right candidates for your specific job role and organization. Aon’s talent assessment solutions are your compass for making better-informed talent decisions.

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Increase sales, reduce attrition, extend tenure and improve performance. Get the right people in the right roles.
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Win appreciation with branded and gamified assessments in a quick and engaging hiring process.
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What Is Talent Assessment?

Talent assessment is used to identify the best-fit candidates for a job, either as a pre-hire assessment or for personnel development. With the help of talent assessments recruiters can look beyond CVs, school grades, college certificates and university diplomas to find out, whether a candidate is a good person-job-match.

Valid assessment tools provide information about e.g. candidates’ abilities, personality traits, motivation, working styles or digital readiness. All the information gathered from different assessments can make a prediction of a candidates’ job- performance and success and might even forecast the retention rate.

The use of talent assessments does not only make sense for pre-employment testing, but can also be extremely beneficial for self assessment, employee development and identifying leadership potential.


Different test types:

talent assessment tools - aptitude tests

1. Aptitude tests

Cognitive ability tests are powerful predictors of long-term professional success. They measure e.g. numerical ability, verbal ability, abstract logical abilities or specific cognitive abilities, such as concentration or short-term memory. Aon offers a huge range of aptitude tests for different job-levels and industries to predict job performance.


Personality Questionnaire Screenshot

2. Personality tests

Employees and candidates bring more than just skill and experience with them to work - they bring their personality and all the preferences, tendencies, and styles that come with it.

Work-related personality questionnaires can help organizations hire, promote and develop the best talent.


Example of job simulation and Situational Judgment Test

3. Job simulations

Job simulations are used to give candidates a preview of the job role they are applying to. They can include work samples, simulation tests or so-called Situational Judgment Qustionaires (SJQs) to showcase the specific job and to predict job-success.

Measurable Outcomes of Talent Assessment

Adding assessments to any hiring and development process establishes a science-based foundation that supports selection choices, determines role and culture fit and helps guide how to best develop hired candidates. Evaluating candidates by assessing talent results in tangible business impact. 

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