Apply Behavioral Assessments to Create Business Value

Understanding what makes people tick and how they are likely to behave helps make informed, higher quality selection, promotion and development decisions. Aon's work-related personality assessments measure the personality dimensions vital to the quality of your HR decisions. Aon helps:

Best Fit

Spot who will thrive in both the role and your organizational culture.

Link Personality to Performance

Enable talent to gain self-insight and pinpoint areas for development. 

Future Success 

Understand who has the motivation, values and characteristics for success.

Aon's Personality Questionnaires Help You:

Capture relevant personality characteristics

People are hired for their skills and fired for their personality. This gloomy prediction can be avoided with Aon's behavioral assessments. All Aon personality questionnaires are adaptive, short, cheat-resistant and highly valid.

Aon's questionnaires can be used early in the selection process to sift out unsuitable applicants. Used in final-stage hiring, the assessments come with an interview guide to probe risk areas and assist with the decision.

Check out how to complete our personality assessment ADEPT-15.
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Discover candidates' motivations and values

People with a good fit to corporate values and who are motivated to contribute are critical to organizational success. Aon's motivational assessment captures key dimensions, is quick to complete and provides a summary and interview guide.

Understanding motivation and values provides additional insights to guide hiring and promotional decisions.


Recognize unproductive behavior  

Being able to predict counterproductive work behavior is hugely important to avoid financial loss, sabotage or damage to employer brand. Understanding ethical behavior (loyalty, honesty, integrity and commitment) is a valuable addition to assessments for hiring and promotional decisions.

Aon's integrity assessment provides insights into trustworthiness and can therefore be used for roles working with sensitive data, cyber security and valuables. The safety dimension is relevant for commercial drivers and machine operators.


Measure creative potential

Innovation is the most critical factor in gaining competitive advantage – whether through improvements to business processes, enhancements to products or services or by entering new markets. Innovation requires creativity and the ability to put creative ideas into practical use. 

Aon has created the first valid and robust online assessment of creativity.


Combine personality assessment with other selection tools

Behavioral insights provide strong decision-making criteria for hiring and promotion.

Used alongside relevant aptitude or situational judgment tests, they capture even more reliable information to support your internal and external talent decisions.

Measurable Outcomes


by spotting candidates with success-related behaviors


through talent decisions based on the success profile
(Technology Business)

Screened Out

to focus on applicants with a better fit
(Jurys Inn)


in hiring with optimized talent acquisition process
(Outcome Health)

Features of Aon's Personality Questionnaires

  • Self-explanatory: interactive example sequences
  • High completion rates
  • Seamless integration into workflow systems
  • Tailored assessments for a range of levels and job roles
  • Customizable to your brand
  • Highly valid and robust personality measures
  • Short assessment times
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Certified by Det Norske Veritas, according to the ITC


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