A Realistic Job Preview, or “RJP” for short, is a pre-application self-assessment. It helps candidates to make an informed decision about whether they are right for a job/organisation. They can choose to opt-out based on how well aligned they are with either the job requirements, or the organisation culture/environment. RJPs are based on the theory of the “psychological contract”.

Recognize Potential
for Success

Reduce training drop-outs, minimize your risk and know who you should invest in.

Focus on
What Matters

Define and recruit against selection criteria that are vital to the job's success.

Manage Applicant

Engage candidates and convey what makes you special to win the best-fit applicants.

An RJP is best applied in the following contexts

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Where a job has a high volume of applicants

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Where the job itself is clearly defined, e.g. store assistants, cabin crew, graduate trainees, customer service representatives

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Where the organisation has a very strong/unique culture or set of values that is evident in everyday tasks or interactions

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Where misconceptions about the job/organisation may lead to unrealistic expectations by applicants

An RJP should present a balanced representation of the job; it should accurately portray both the positive and negative aspects of the job.

A Good RJP

… will not “scare off‟ desirable job applicants
… is not a marketing tool to represent an unrealistic view of the company / job
… represents the work environment, culture, not only task or job requirements
… will be short, engaging, and interesting (sharing information that is not available elsewhere)
… gives immediate feedback

Typical User Flow



  • Higher proportion of applicants align with the company values and expectations
  • Better applicant-to-hire conversion rates
  • Increased job satisfaction, increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, increased ability to cope with job demands
  • Positive impact on employer brand and applicant engagement
  • Financial ROI from observed gains

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