Online WET is a fully automated evaluation tool validated to assess a candidates’ ability to write English that is syntactically correct, well composed vis-à-vis vocabulary, complexity and relevant to the subject at hand.

Scores a write up based on multiple factors

  • Grammar
  • Spellings
  • Vocabulary
  • Relevance
  • Readability
  • Word Count

Case Study

WET validation for a large global outsourcing firm

  • WET outcomes were compared with the client’s internal assessment outcomes for two types of English assessments:
    Grammar and Email Tests, which were manually scored based on internally defined rubrics
  • WET was able to predict 65% and 59% cases favourably for Grammar and Email assessments respectively

Confusion Matrix

How to decide a suitable word count

On the basis of data across 200,000+ WET assessments conducted, required word counts for typical scenarios based on expected test durations are mapped below. The logic behind this table is the writing time required per word taking into account time for platform familiarity, structuring and articulation of thoughts on the topic and average typing speeds.

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